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What does the acronym HACCP stand for
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
(True/False) The application of heat can destroy bacteria because of the "kill step". This occurs when soups and sauces are brought to a boil for a few minutes before being placed on the serving line
What does the term "Mise en place" mean
A constant state of efficient readiness. Organization of yourself & station for timely preparation and service
(True/False) Standard weights and measures are of no real great importance in food preparation
5. What is considered by culinarians as the most versatile and valuable tool in the kitchen?

a. Accurate Recipes
b. Chefs Knife
c. Food Processor
d. Instant-read Thermometer
Chefs Knife
Who was the founder of "Classical French Cookery" and contributed to culinary preparation the introduction of standardized recipes and menus
A constant state of efficient readiness. Organization of yourself & station for timely preparation and service
What type of service allows for showmanship and calls for the kitchen to arrange the food on large platters that is then presented by the serving staff
What knife is the most popular all around knife in the kitchen, mainly designed for general cutting and chopping?

a. Carving Knife
b. French Knife
c. Paring Knife
d. Utility Knife
French Knife
To maintain a knife in good condition, it is necessary to tone the blade. At what angle do you hold the "steel"?
20 Degrees
What are the 3 ways that heat transfers from one place/object to another
Conduction, Convection & Radiation
(True/False) Ice melts and freezes at 30 degrees
When discussing cooking pans, which material is a better conductor of heat?

a. Stainless steel
b. Aluminum
c. Copper
d. Teflon Coated
(True/False) A food item allowed to thaw in the refrigerator over a period of time will be of higher quality than one that has been thawed quickly?
Carmelization of sugars (browning) takes place at what temperature?

a. 250 degrees
b. 300 degrees
c. 350 degrees
d. 400 degrees
300 degrees
An emulsion is the even dispersal of one liquid throughout another immiscible liquid. What causes emulsions to separate?

a. Liquid added too quickly
b. Mixture becomes saturated
c. Temperature
d. All of the above
All of the above
The basic ratio for an emulsion, using egg yolk as the emulsifier, is one large egg yolk for each __________ ounces of oil or melted butter?

a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 8
Which of the following is not one of the four major sensations of taste?

a. Sweet
b. Sour
c. Smell (The 4th is Bitter)
d. Salty
Smell (The 4th is Bitter)
(True/False) The amount of salt in a dish can be more easily detected at lower temperatures than at higher temperatures?
False Food should be seasoned at serving temperature just before service begins
The enhancement of the natural flavor of foods without drastic alteration of flavor is accomplished by?

a. Cooking
b. Adding herbs
c. Adding Spices
d. Seasoning
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) contains only ____ of the sodium of normal salt?

a. 1/4
b. 1/3
c. 1/2
d. 3/4
(True/False) Salt acts as a preservative in the curing process by drawing almost all of the moisture out of a product
Due to the volatile nature of spices, they should always be stored at a temperature of less than _____?

a. 68 degrees
b. 72 degrees
c. 76 degrees
d. 80 degrees
68 degrees
Herbs can be procured in all but which of the following forms?

a. Fresh
b. Dried
c. Frozen
d. Vacuum packed
Vacuum packed
(True/False) Fresh herbs have more flavor than dried herbs because the moisture hasn't been removed
To have the same result in cooking, what ratio is used of dried herbs to fresh herbs?

a. 1 Tsp dried to 2 Tsp fresh
b. 1 Tsp dried to 3 Tsp fresh
c. 1 Tsp dried to 4 Tsp fresh
d. No ratio is used. The results are the same
1 Tsp dried to 3 Tsp fresh
(True/False) Spices & Herbs have very little nutritional value
(True/False) Ounce for ounce, alcohol has nearly twice the calorie content of table sugar
What are the three primary types of marinades
Oil, Acid, and Flavor
What is vinegar's greatest attribute?

a. Aromatic complement to foods
b. General cooking purposes
c. Food preservative
d. Meat tenderizer
Aromatic complement to foods
What type of service allows for a great deal of showmanship by the chef and members of the kitchen staff?

a. French
b. Russian
c. Buffet-style
d. English
What type of service requires the individual plating of all items in the kitchen?

a. French
b. American
c. Russian
d. English
(True/False) A cooked marinade flavors a meat product more that a raw marinade and needs less time to marinate
What function does oil have in the marinating process?

a. Breaks down protein
b. Enhances flavor
c. Prevents moisture loss
d. All of the above
Prevents moisture loss