14 terms

Comm 102 Chp 4

debilitative emotions
Emotions that prevent a person from functioning effectively.
emotional contagion
The process by which emotions are transferred from one person to another.
emotion labor
Managinng and even suppressing emotions when doing so is both appropriate and necessary.
faciliatative emotions
Emotions that contribute to effective functioning
fallacy of catastrophic expectations
The irrational belief that the worst possible outcome will probably occur.
fallacy of approval
The irrational belief that it is vital to win the approval of virtually every person a communicator deals with.
fallacy of causation
The irrational belief that emotions are caused by others and not by the person who has them.
fallacy of helplessness
The irrational belief that satisfaction in life is determined by forces beyond one's control.
fallacy of overgeneralization
Irrational beliefs in which conclusions are based on limited evidence or communicators exaggerate their shortcomings.
fallacy of perfection
The irrational belief that a worthwhile communicator should be able to handlle every situation with complete confidence and skill.
fallacy of shoulds
The irrational belief that people should behave in the most desirable way.
Rethinking the meaning of emotionally charged events in ways that alter their emotional impact.
Dwelling persistently on negative thoughts that, in turn, intensifies negative feelings.
The nonvocal process of thinking, sometimes referred to as intrapersonal communication.