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16 terms

3rd Grade Quarter 1 Review

Rectangular part on screen that has something inside it. You can re-size it or move it.
The background on your screen
Small minus sign that shrinks the window where you can see it.
Makes the window cover the entire desktop. Looks like a square.
The "x" that allows you to exit out of a program or webpage.
A picture representing a program.
A row of buttons on the bottom of your computer screen that represent open programs. Click on them to switch between programs.
The parts of a computer you can touch
System Unit
Holds the parts of a computer and helps protect them. Looks like a tower.
The screen part of your computer.
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
"The Brain" of your computer.
My Monitor is Black! What should I do (in order please)?
1. Check the light (power button) on the monitor.
2. Wiggle the Mouse
3. Turn on the System Unit.
An item you move that shows you place on the screen
Back Button
A button that takes you back to the place you just were.
Using an electronic device (such as a phone or computer) to send mean, embarrassing, or threatening messages.
Personal Information
Information that identifies you (such as name, address, phone number, birth date, school). Do NOT give out personal information!

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