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  1. They have a protein coat and a nucleic acid
  2. 1951
  3. Cytosine
  4. 1'
  5. semiconstructive
  1. a What is the term for a process in which the original half conserved and half new strand
  2. b Why are viruses good things to dertermine if genetics are carried by proteins or Nucleic acids
  3. c What year did the two scientist figure out the structure of DNA
  4. d what prime does the nitrogen base pair with
  5. e what does guanine pair with

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  1. What molecule did Hershey and Chase use to test if genetics were in nucleic acids
  2. what does cytosine pair with
  3. The short nitrogen bases
  4. purines
  5. when two nucleotides attache what prime does the phosphate group attach to

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  1. 1952What year did they put the final "nail in the coffin" for nucleic acids over proteins


  2. trna, rrna, mrnawhat does thymine pair with


  3. purinesThe long nitrogin bases


  4. helicase, primase, polymerase 3, polymerase 1 ligasethe order in which the enzymes work


  5. rosalind franklin and maurice wilkinsWho helped watson and crick two