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  1. E. coli
  2. S35
  3. phosphate and Deoxyribose
  4. purines
  5. rosalind franklin and maurice wilkins
  1. a Who helped watson and crick two
  2. b What was the S in hershey and chases test labled (number)
  3. c What bacteria did hershey and chase test it on
  4. d sides of dna are made of
  5. e The long nitrogin bases

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  1. the order in which the enzymes work
  2. What was the p in hershey and chases test labled (Number)
  3. How many bonds do cytosine and guanine make
  4. What year did the two scientist figure out the structure of DNA
  5. what is it called when guanine pairs with cytosine

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  1. Francis Crick and James Watsonpurines


  2. pyrimidinesThe short nitrogen bases


  3. SulfurWhat molecule did Hershey and Chase use to test if genetics were in protiens


  4. University of cambridgeWhere did Watson and crick meet


  5. Adenine and guaninePyrimidins