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  1. Uracil
  2. 2
  3. pyrimidines
  4. Cytosine
  5. Francis Crick and James Watson
  1. a how many bonds do adinine and thymine make
  2. b What does adenine pair with in rna
  3. c what does guanine pair with
  4. d The short nitrogen bases
  5. e Who found the structure for DNA

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  1. Where did Watson and crick meet
  2. Why are viruses good things to dertermine if genetics are carried by proteins or Nucleic acids
  3. The two people who "put the final nail in the coffin" on Nucleic acids carry genetics rather than proteins (first and last names
  4. Who helped watson and crick two
  5. what does thymine pair with

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  1. 5' to 3'What way does Dna build


  2. 1'In one nucleotiede what prime does the phosphate group attach to


  3. 1951What year did the two scientist figure out the structure of DNA


  4. guaninewhat does cytosine pair with


  5. semiconstructivewhat does guanine pair with