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Argos, Sparta, and Mycenae

What are Hera's three favorite cities


Who is the father of Pandarus


Who broke the truce between Greeks and the Trojans


Who compelled Pandarus to break the truce


Who was Athena disguised as when she visited Pandarus


What city is the home of Pandarus

Lycian Apollo

What was Apollo's epithet as a skilled archer


Who changed the course of the arrow, shot by Pandarus, flying towards Menelaus


Who, son of Asclepius, was retrieved to heal the wound of Menelaus cause by the arrow of Pandarus


With whom did Agamemnon leave in charge of his chariot and steeds while he went to fight the Trojans


Who is the father of Eurymedon


Who is the father of Ptolemaeus


What leader of the Cretans did Agamemnon say he regarded with greater distinction than any other Achaean


Who was the "Knight of Gerene"


What goddess was reffered to as "the Trito-born"

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