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Health Mental Illnesses

What does GAD stand for?

General Anxiety Disorder

What is GAD?

A long lasting anxiety when there is nothing to be anxious about

What are warning signs of GAD?

fatigue, headache, sweating, muscle tension, trembling, increased heart rate: blood pressure races up- out of breath, hot flashes, difficulty swallowing

What are medications used for GAD?

Anti- Anxiety, episodic: only used when you are having it, Xanax and Adivan are episodic. You take them while the attack is happening

What is OCD?

Having persistent and unwelcomed thoughts or images

What do people with OCD think?

They think that something bad will happen if they do not do their routine

What are the disturbing thoughts of OCD called?

The obsession

In OCD, what is the ritual performed called?

The compulsion

What treatments are used for OCD?

Anti- anxiety meds, behavioral therapy, inpatient, outpatient

What can people get PTSD from?

War, bullying, being in or watching car accidents, natural disaster, death

What are warning signs of PTSD?

Nightmares, flashbacks, emotionally numbness, sleep disturbances, avoiding certain situations: war games, horror movies, fireworks if in war

What are treatments and medications used for PTSD?

Treatments: Individual treatment, group therapy, self- help
Medication: Sleep medication, anti- anxiety

What is panic disorder?

Sudden terror, but something is happening to you

What are warning signs of panic disorder?

Increased Heart Rate,Faintness, Weakness, Dizziness

What are treatments for panic disorder?

Psychotherapy, Medication, Self- Help

Name two cognitive disorders.

Alzheimer's and Dementia

Which cognitive disorder leads to which?

Dementia leads to Alzheimer's

What are symptoms of Dementia/ Alzheimer's?

Forgetfulness, Tiredness, Depression, Confusion

What is the cure for Dementia and Alzheimer's?

There is no cure, only medicines to slow down the process

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