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A B Vitamin needed in protein metabolism, its 3 forms are pyridoxine, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine.

Vitamin B6

Precursor form of vitamin A.


Slow recovery of vision after exposure to flashes of bright light at night; an early symptom of vitamin A deficiency.

Night Blindness

A B vitamin that acts as part of a coenzyme to help form DNA and also metabolize amino acids and their derivatives, such as homocysteine.


One of the active forms of vitamin C.

Ascorbic Acid

Symptoms associated with deficiency of this vitamin include chelosis, glossitis and dermatitis.


The niacin deficiency disease


The vitamin D deficiency disease in children


A B vitamin needed in energy metabolism, it can be eaten preformed or can be made in the body from tryptophan.


A B vitamin that helps convert folate to its active form and also helps maintain the sheaths around nerve cells.

Vitamin B12

The vitamin C deficiency disease.


Rupture of the red blood cells, caused by vitamin E deficiency.

Erythrocyte Hemolysis

The thiamine deficiency disease


Pork products, whole grains, enriched grains and dried beans would be the major food sources the the B vitamin


A vitamin B12 deficiency disease caused by lack of intrinsic factor and characterized by large immature red blood cells and damage to the nervous system.

Pernicious anemia

The synthetic form of folate; absorption is almost double.

Folic acid

Organic compounds that are vital but needed only in minute amounts


This B vitamin plays an important role in protein and amino acid metabolism.

Vitamin B6

Chemical name for some forms of vitamin E; the alpha form is most potent


The vitamin D deficiency disease in adults.


A protein like compound produced by the stomach that enhances vitamin B12 absorption.

Intrinsic Factor

"Dry eye"; cause of blindness that results from a vitamin A deficiency.


Symptoms of this deficiency include diarrhea, dementia, and dermatitis.


Chemical forms of preformed vitamin A; one source is animal foods.


An orange pigment with antioxidant activity; a vitamin A precursor made by plants.

Beta carotene

A molecule that works with an enzyme to promote the enzymes activity.


The chief protein of most connective tissue.


The B vitamin found naturally only in animal products.

Vitamin B12

A protein in raw eggs (avidin) binds with this vitamin and inhibits absorption.


The normal protein of hair and nails.


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