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Fire Officer Principles and Practice

Preperation for Fire Captains exam
The Fire officer's Tasks
1. Four basic tasks that are vital for a Fire Officer
A. Beginning of shift report
B. Notifications
C. Decision making
D. Problem solving
Beginning of Shift Report
1. Provided to the battalion or district chief within the first quarter hour of the
reporting time.
2. Can be electronic, paper, or verbal.
3. Chiefs rely on telestaff to make staffing adjustments at the beginning of/shift.
4. 1st part of report/on-duty staffing info/and sick leave list and identifies any positions that need to be filled for that day.
5. Positions are a priority because someone who worked the previous shift has to remain on duty until a relief person shows up to fill any position that remains vacant.
6. If any vacancies remain/must be covered by fire fighters working overtime.
7. Report also projects staffing for/next day - allows the chief to make assignments in anticipation of the known absences for the next workday, instead of trying to solve all of the problems during the first 45 min/of the next workday.
8. Notes location and condition of all apparatus or rolling stock, such as reserve engine/ambulance/loaned out at the shop.
9. Provides Chief with any must know information/requiring immediate attention.