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  1. Srull Impression Formation
  2. Sears+Houland "Lynching"
  3. Sulin+Dooling "Carol Harris"
  4. Snyder+Skrypnek "Self-fulfilling prophesy"
  5. normative conformity
  1. a realistic conflict theory
  2. b inconsistency resolution
  3. c gender stereotypes
  4. d schema
  5. e desire to be liked

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  1. conflict over limited resources
  2. informational conformity
  3. mere presence of others influences behavior
  4. where did they get it?
  5. feeling

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  1. informational conformitydesire to be right


  2. Snyder+Uranowitz "Betty K"gender stereotypes


  3. Brewer "room"schema


  4. Allen+Levinesticks out from background


  5. group unanimitywith normative conformity, if one person breaks with group, the participant is way less likely to conform to the group