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  1. Linville "Outgroup Homogeneity Effect"
  2. Jones' Actor/Observer Difference
  3. Condry^(2) "Baby"
  4. Allen+Levine
  1. a stereotyping
  2. b gender stereotypes
  3. c one dissenter drops conformity from 50% to 5%
  4. d fundamental attribution error

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  1. prejudice
  2. mere act of dividing world into the categories "me" and "not me" is sufficient to lead to prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes
  3. informational conformity
  4. not simply size of group that matters but # of independent opinions
  5. deficits in communication, socialization, imagination

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  1. realistic conflict theorydesire to be liked


  2. proximalwhere do we get it?


  3. social normsmere presence of others influences behavior


  4. Aschwhere did they get it?


  5. informational conformitydesire to be liked