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  1. compliance
  2. Condry^(2) "Baby"
  3. La Pierre
  4. Wilder
  5. Meindle+Lerner
  1. a enhancing self-esteem
  2. b not simply size of group that matters but # of independent opinions
  3. c discrimination
  4. d gender stereotypes
  5. e going along with explicitly stated rules

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  1. fundamental attribution error
  2. can imagine memories, beliefs, thoughts, but can't see them
  3. OHE
  4. normative conformity
  5. early dissent leads to the greatest drop in conformity

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  1. minority influenceminority needs to be consistent, unanimous, forceful, rational


  2. informational conformitydesire to be liked


  3. midwest jury studyprejudice


  4. El Pasowhere did they get it?


  5. Sherif "Robber's Cave"informational conformity


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