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  1. compliance
  2. Meindle+Lerner
  3. Moscovici
  4. realistic conflict theory
  5. Brewer "room"
  1. a enhancing self-esteem
  2. b conflict over limited resources
  3. c schema
  4. d going along with explicitly stated rules
  5. e minority influence

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  1. lacks episodic memory
  2. desire to be right
  3. schema
  4. mere act of dividing world into the categories "me" and "not me" is sufficient to lead to prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes
  5. stereotyping

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  1. Srull Impression FormationMore links=easier to recall


  2. Social Cognitioncan imagine memories, beliefs, thoughts, but can't see them


  3. Jones' Actor/Observer Differenceminority needs to be consistent, unanimous, forceful, rational


  4. distalwhere did they get it?


  5. El Pasonormative conformity