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  1. obedience
  2. realistic conflict theory
  3. Linville "Outgroup Homogeneity Effect"
  4. La Pierre
  5. Jennings et al. "Ad"
  1. a going along with explicitly stated rules or there will be consequences
  2. b conflict over limited resources
  3. c discrimination
  4. d gender stereotypes
  5. e stereotyping

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  1. self-fulfilling prophesy
  2. not simply size of group that matters but # of independent opinions
  3. where do we get it?
  4. behavior
  5. stereotype

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  1. Snyder+Uranowitz "Betty K"gender stereotypes


  2. normative conformitydesire to be liked


  3. Sherif "Robber's Cave"realistic conflict theory, discrimination, superordinate goal


  4. Bransford "laundry"gender stereotypes


  5. Loftus "Eyewitness"default value