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mutations are results from errors in

gene replication

in order to calculate the numerical value of the standard deviation, it would be most reasonable to first compute the


researchers studying the effects of sleep deprivation tested physical coordination skills of 25 yr olds who had been without sleep for 24, 36, or 48 hours. The dependent variable is

the physical coordination skills of the men in the study

in condsidering the origins of knowledge, john locke affirmed a veiw known as...


molecular genetics would be most interested in studying

chromosome segments

ginger wants to marry someone who will provide her children with finacial security. evolutionary psychologist would most likely attribute gingers motivation with..

genetic predispositions

a research methos in which an investigator manipulates factors that potentially produces behavior is called


nature is to nurture as the ______ persepective is to the ______perspective

evolutionary - behavioral

an explination using an integrated set of principles that organizes and predicts behavior or events is called a

theory (NOT hypothesis)

the school of psychology associated with understanding behavior is

Functionalism... (NOT behaviorism)

with which of the following individuals is bf skinner most in agreement on the issue of internal mental events?


the ability to infer a cause- and -effect relationship is associated with the

experimental research method (NOT Correlation)

participants in an experiment are said to be blind if they are uninformed about -

which experimental treatment, if any, they are recieving (NOT what hypothesis is being tested)

which of the following body parts is associated with the greatest amount of brain tissue in the motor cortex


information is carried from the central nervous system to the body tissue by

motor neurons

deaf people who use sigh language

process language in the left cerebral hemisphere

jermey is sitting quietly when the muscles in his left leg begin to twitch this activation of movement is due to


messages are transmitted from your spinal cord to your heart by

autonomic nervous system

the brain structure that controls the unconcious be essential functions such as breathing ans circulation


in order to estimate trait heritability, researchers are most likely to make use of

twin studies

the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system comprise the

peripheral nervous system

an impaired use of language is known as


karlette took some new meds for her hey fever. the medication made her heart start to race & she became agitated and jittery. it is likely that the medication is incresing the activity in her...

sympathertic nervous system

parkisons disease appears to be a function of

degeneration of neurons that use dopamine as a neurotransmitter

the genome is the complete

set of genetic material in an organisms chromosomes

opiate druge occupy the same recpter sites as


which of the following is the correct sequence of structures through which information flows in a neuron

dendrites-soma- axon

endorphin agonists are likely to _____ ones immediate pain and endorphin antagonists are likely to _____ one's immediate pain.

decrease , increase

endorphins are


neural networks refer to

interconnected clusters of neurons in the central nervous system

if a professor accused you of cheating on a test, your adrenal glands would probably release _______ in your blood stream

epinephrine (NOT acetylcholine)

Julia is currently in the midst of a major depression. it is most likely that is has

reduced activity at norepinephrine synapse ( ** REDUCED)

ellizabeth just caught sight of a red humminbird. the neural impulses form her eye will eventually travel to her occiptical lobe but first they must pass through

the thalamus thalamus thalamus thalamus

if a partially deaf person hearing ability ______, his or her absolute threshold for sound _____

improves, decreases (NOT worsens, increases)1

the sense associated with the perception of smell is


the detection and encoding of stimulus energies by the nervous system is called


when finger painting chris mixed yellow paint and blue paint to make green. it is ....

subtractive color mixing

jennifer can tune her guitar more effectively that maris because jennifer is better at detecting whether specific strings are playing too sharp or flat. With respect to tone sensitivity, maria apparently has a ____threshold than Jennifer

Larger difference

the process by which our sensory systems convert stimulus energies into neural messages is called


devin looked directly into a very bright light....blah blah blah,,damaged rods he now has

poor peripheral vision

the sense associated with taste is called...


color consistancy referes to

objects are precieved the same color even if the light they reflect changes

the tendancy to see all the individual spokes on a bike wheel as one large single units best illistrates the principle of


the perception that bugs bunny is hopping across a movie screen is..

strobocopic movement

interposition refers to

overlap evironmental depth cue

the study of phenomena such as clairvoyance and telepathy is called


the organization of two-dimensional retinal image into 3-D perception is called.

Depth perception

a concept that helps us to interpret ambiguous sensations is called a


perceptual adaptation refers to the

perceptual adjustment to an artificially displaced visual field

the organizational principles identifies by gestalt psychologist best illustrate the importance of

top-down processing

after hearing rumors about the outbreak of an infectious disease, Alyosha began to perceive his normal aches and pains as disease related symptomshis reaction best illustrates the impact of

perceptual set

a 3-D movie enhances ones sense of depth perception by stimulating the effect of

retinal disparity

neuroscientist have discovered mirror neurons in the

frontal lobe adjacent to the motor cortex

operant conditioning is another name for

intrumental learning

skinner's work elaborated what thorndike had called

the law of effect

garcia and koelling studies of taste aversion in rate demonstrated that classical conditioning is contrained by

biological predispositions

hanna finds that when her kids become too rowdy and noisy, she can successfully block out their noise if she closes her door to study the door is an example of

an escape response (NOT AVOIDANCE)

skinner is to shaping and bandura is to

modeling & I'm sorry your stuck studying :/ hope these cards help(:

positive reinforcers _____the rate of operant responding and negative reinforcers _____the rate of operant responding

increase increase

the fat that learning can occur without reinforcement is most clearly demonstrated by studies of

latent learning

Larry goes out with Mary. he gets a kiss if they go dancing,, and otherwise not. this is an example of


postivie punishment ____the rate of operant responding , and negative punishment ____the rate of operant responding

decrease decrease

a spanking is _____ suspension of tv is _____

positive punishment & negative punishment

extinction occurs when..

remove the reinforcement

researchers condition flatworms to contract with light this is called


knowledge of ones results is


a flashbulb memory is what kind of memory

long term

many people retain their classically conditioned fears without any consious recolection of how or when those fears were learned this is ____ memory


progrssively deeper levels of processing

structural - phonemic- semantic

schema is

an organized general knowledge structure

working memory is another name for

short term memory

the next - in -line effect best illustrates

source amnesia

peg-words sytem makes effective use of

visual imagery

expilcit memory is to _____, implicit is to _____

hippocampus , cerebellum

long term potentiation refers to

an increase in nerons firing potential

consco=ious memory of factual info is called

explicit....idk what that means(:

brock was describing the inside of his doctors office to one of his friends. in his description he mentions deplomas that arent there... the error in recall illustrates

the role of schema in long term memory

chomsky suggests that a persons unique experiences with a language are most likely to influence the ______ of the persons spoken sentances

universal grammar

in general todlers can

understand more than they say

whorfs linguistic determinish hypothesis emphasizes that...

words shape the way we think

Noam chomsky has emphasized that the acquistion of lanugage by children is facilitated by

an inborn readiness to learn grammatical rules

oat changes to boat

phonemes increase, but morpheme stay the same

thinking that moves from specific to general is


an, a, ill, are all examples of


single word stage? "cookie me now" stage?

holophrastic , telegraphic

what is linguistic determinism

it determines the way we think - rich vocabulary for snow

solving problems by estimating, short cuts, assuming VS step by step

heuristics vs algorithms,,,,, why are we learning this crap.?

the english language has _____ letters thatn phonemes, ans the consonant phonemes generally carry ____information than the vowel ones

fewer , more


best example of particular category

skinner emphasized the importance of ____ in language acquisition


twenty two year old bernie takes a test that incluse measuring her ability in terms of digit span, vocab, and object assembly ... she complets the


savant syndrome

mental --but like uber good at one specific other thing (like playing the piano)

in solving math problems women do ___than men, in solving math word problems women do ____than men

better, worse

an abstract concept as if it were a real concrete thing is called


if a test is ____ it will also be ___

valid , reliable

intelligence tests measure

knowledge and potential

the eugenis movement would have been most likely to encourage

selective breeding of highly intelligent people

savant syndrome has been used to support

gardners arguement for multiple intelligences

improvement in intelligence test is called

the flynn effect

the first stage of a baby

germinal ....the cum test sucks

kohlberg morality based on the aviodance of punishment and the attainment of concrete rewards represents an

preconventional morality

a child is ego centric during which of piagets stages?

preoperational **learn the stages

the corrupt behavior of many ordinary people who served as nazi concentration camp guards best illustrates that immorality often results from

social influence

Learn the parents




maturation is

biological growth processes that are relatively uninfluences by experience

premature babies who survive are usually born in the ___stage


learn stages in developement


extra chromosome causes

down syndrome

IQ tests are least likely to be used in


girls out perform boys in

spelling bees

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