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  1. myleomeningocele
  2. tachypnea
  3. club foot
  4. ortolani maneuver
  5. pneumothorax
  1. a protrusion of meninges through the spina bifida, degree of paralysis depends on the location. infant may also have hydrocephalous
  2. b sole of foot points medially, forefoot in curving an ankle in postion of toes pointing down and heel pointing up
  3. c abduct the thighs and apply pressure forward over the greater trochanter. a clunking indicates a dislocated femoral head
  4. d collapsed lung
  5. e rapid heart rate. not unusual during the first hour of birth; abnormal if it continues

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  1. unequal chest expansion with respiration. Abnormal-check for pneumothorax
  2. decrease blood flow to the lungs. decreased oxygen carried to tissues
  3. this, white substance that coats and protects the skin of the fetus; decreases at term
  4. lacy red patter from dilated blood vessels under the skin
  5. a sign of pyloric stenosis

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  1. acyanotic defectblue, gray, slate, or dark purle discoloration of the skin or mucous membranes caused by deoxygenated or reduced hemoglobin in the blood.


  2. pilonidal sinusdimple present at the base of the spine


  3. prematuritystate of an infant bory any time prior to completion of the 37th week


  4. pathological jaundicejaundice manifests in first 24 hours. Always investigate cause and notify doctor


  5. omphaloceleenlargement of one or both sides of the scrotum