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  1. diastasis recti
  2. impetigo
  3. encephalocele
  4. nasal flaring
  5. myleomeningocele
  1. a bacterial infection of the skin, caused by strptococci and marked by yellow to red, weeping and cristed or pustular lesions around the nose, mouth, cheeks or on the extremities.
  2. b reflex widening of nostrils when infant is receiving insufficient oxygen
  3. c protrusion of meninges through the spina bifida, degree of paralysis depends on the location. infant may also have hydrocephalous
  4. d separation of the rectus abdominis muscle
  5. e failure of the anterior neural tube to close due to genetic, toxic or infectious reasons. the brain is actually outside the skull in a skin covered sack. Surgery can be performed to put the protruding sack back into the skull

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  1. adnormal smallness of the head; often seen in mental retardation
  2. rapid heart rate. not unusual during the first hour of birth; abnormal if it continues
  3. middle portion of the esophagus is absent, therefore the superior esophagus ends in a blind pouch
  4. intense, screaming cry.
  5. noise made on expiration when pressure increased within the alveoli help keep them open.persistent grunting is a common sign of respiratory distress syndrome

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  1. umbilical herniasoft, skin covered protrusion of intestine and omentum through a weakness in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus


  2. chemical conjunctivitisresults from an aseptic nature and usually occurs with the induction of silver nitrate which is used prophylactic in the newborn for infectious conjunctivitis


  3. supernumerary nipplesdimple present at the base of the spine


  4. meningoceleenlarged veins of the spermatic cord commonly above the left testicle; sometimes purple and feel like a bundle of worms


  5. ortolani maneuveradduction of hips produce a clunking only if instability is present