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  1. impetigo
  2. spina bifida occulta
  3. meconium ileus
  4. lanugo
  5. strabismus
  1. a turning inward or outward of the eyes (crossing)
  2. b obstruction of the small intestine in newborn caused by impaction
  3. c bacterial infection of the skin, caused by strptococci and marked by yellow to red, weeping and cristed or pustular lesions around the nose, mouth, cheeks or on the extremities.
  4. d fine soft hair covering the fetus
  5. e failure of the vertebral arch to close.

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  1. separation in the oral facial region involving 1 or all of the following: lip, hard palate and soft tissue in the back of the mouth
  2. more than normal number of fingers or toes
  3. drooping mouth, diminished movement of the tongue nad difficulty with closing eyes. Asymmetrical facial movement
  4. a skin fold that runs along the sides of the neck down to shoulders
  5. reflex widening of nostrils when infant is receiving insufficient oxygen

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  1. tracheo-esophageal fistulamiddle portion of the esophagus is absent, therefore the superior esophagus ends in a blind pouch


  2. pyloric stenosislimited neck motion in which infant will hold head to one side with chin pointing to the opposite side


  3. congenital cataractabnormally small at birth


  4. syndactylymore than normal number of fingers or toes


  5. brachial palsyasymmetrical shoulder, arm, hand, posture at rest and with movement


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