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  1. lanugo
  2. variocele
  3. barlow maneuver
  4. opthalmia neonatorum
  5. erthroblastosis fetalis
  1. a purulent destructive eye disease (conjunctivitis)
  2. b hemolytic disease of the newborn marked by anemia, jaundice, enlargement of the liver and spleen, and generalized edema
  3. c enlarged veins of the spermatic cord commonly above the left testicle; sometimes purple and feel like a bundle of worms
  4. d fine soft hair covering the fetus
  5. e adduction of hips produce a clunking only if instability is present

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  1. area of edema over the presenting part of the fetus; occurs between scalp and the periosteum; crosses suture lines
  2. neural tube defect where the end of the neural tube fails to close resulting in the absence of amajor portion of the brain, skull and scalp
  3. a wound or irregular tear of the flesh
  4. no testicle in the scrotum by 39 weeks; empty sac or only one teste in the sac
  5. chest falls when abdomen rises and chest rises wehn abdomen falls. sign of severe respiratory difficulty.

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  1. meningoceleprotrusion of meninges through the spina bifida, degree of paralysis depends on the location. infant may also have hydrocephalous


  2. plethoracollapsed lung


  3. hypospadiasmeatus of the penis located on the upper side of the penis


  4. brachial palsyabnormal, painful and continued erection of the penis usually without sexual desire


  5. subconjunctivial hemorrhageimproper aqueous outflow causes intraocular pressure resulting in vision loss