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  1. cephalohematoma
  2. variocele
  3. physiological jaundice
  4. pilonidal dimple
  5. sepsis
  1. a nonpathological jaundice affecting newborns. It manifests 48 to 72 hours after birth, lasts only a few days, and does not require therapy
  2. b infection, contamination
  3. c dimple present at the base of the spine
  4. d enlarged veins of the spermatic cord commonly above the left testicle; sometimes purple and feel like a bundle of worms
  5. e collection of blood under the scalp usually located over the parietal bone. Large neonatal birth wiight, forceps delivery and mother's first pregnancy

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  1. improper aqueous outflow causes intraocular pressure resulting in vision loss
  2. collapsed lung
  3. limited neck motion in which infant will hold head to one side with chin pointing to the opposite side
  4. a sign of pyloric stenosis
  5. underbite, receding chin, small size of lower jaw

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  1. umbilical hernialocation of the heart in the right hemithorax instead of the left


  2. shrillintense, screaming cry.


  3. vernix caseosathis, white substance that coats and protects the skin of the fetus; decreases at term


  4. subconjunctivial hemorrhagesoft, skin covered protrusion of intestine and omentum through a weakness in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus


  5. tetanyintermittent tonic spasms that are usually paroxysmal and invole the extremities.