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  1. cleft lip/palate
  2. choanal atresia
  3. grunting
  4. mottling
  5. visible peristalsis
  1. a lacy red patter from dilated blood vessels under the skin
  2. b separation in the oral facial region involving 1 or all of the following: lip, hard palate and soft tissue in the back of the mouth
  3. c noise made on expiration when pressure increased within the alveoli help keep them open.persistent grunting is a common sign of respiratory distress syndrome
  4. d a sign of pyloric stenosis
  5. e closure of one or both nasal cavities

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  1. fine soft hair covering the fetus
  2. protrusion of meninges through the spina bifida, covered by skin or a thin membrane. spinal cord not involved so paralysis does not occure
  3. yellow staining of body tissues and fluids, as a result of excessive levels of bilirubin in the bloodstream. Jaundice is not usually visible until the bilirubin level rises above 3mg/dl
  4. middle portion of the esophagus is absent, therefore the superior esophagus ends in a blind pouch
  5. state of an infant bory any time prior to completion of the 37th week

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  1. encephalocelefailure of the anterior neural tube to close due to genetic, toxic or infectious reasons. the brain is actually outside the skull in a skin covered sack. Surgery can be performed to put the protruding sack back into the skull


  2. congenital cataractimproper aqueous outflow causes intraocular pressure resulting in vision loss


  3. retractionswhen soft tissue around bones of chest are drawn in with the effort of pulling air into the lungs


  4. facial paralysisdrooping mouth, diminished movement of the tongue nad difficulty with closing eyes. Asymmetrical facial movement


  5. cyanosisblue, gray, slate, or dark purle discoloration of the skin or mucous membranes caused by deoxygenated or reduced hemoglobin in the blood.