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  1. Traditional metaphysics or behavioral psychology
  2. Discount
  3. Pineal gland
  4. Personal indentity
  5. John B. Watson
  1. a According to Aristotle, soul has little to do with ____.
  2. b He started in psychology at U. Chicago, and later worked in experimental psychology, particularly as it involved animal behavior
  3. c And finally... after a number of others have tried to come up with a theory, we either pretty much go with ________.
  4. d According to John B. Watson, ultimately would _________ the notion of soul or mind as an "entity"
  5. e According to Rene Descartes, activity coordinate via the _______.

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  1. According to St. Augustine, he believed that the soul ___ reincarnation (as in plato)
  2. According to John B. Watson, he wanted to overhaul the predominant school of psych, "______"
  3. According to John Locke, _________ is a faith claim, and it can't be proven or disproved
  4. According to John B. Watson, behaviorism was very unsuccessful, but his _______________ by the pre- WWII years
  5. According to St. Thomas, intellection requires _____.

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  1. Rational soulhuman beings


  2. 80According to Aristotle, Souls move _____ the ladder


  3. passive reasonsubject to death


  4. inner spectatorAccording to Aristotle, the soul is not an


  5. David HumeAccording to Aristotle, he held that wherever there is life, there is a