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  1. Introspective psychology
  2. Immanuel Kant
  3. No
  4. passive reason
  5. causes
  1. a According to St. Augustine, he believed that the soul ___ reincarnation (as in plato)
  2. b Believed that the soul is the "I" in the strict; we can't know without experience
  3. c According to John Locke, substances can be known via the ______ of the ideas they produce
  4. d potency
  5. e According to John B. Watson, he wanted to overhaul the predominant school of psych, "______"

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  1. He believed that the soul can will, feel, reaon, have passions as the mind directs
  2. According to G.W. Von Leibniz, the soul - monald gains ______, enhanced by sensory experience
  3. According to G.W. Von Leibniz, the human being and the "queen monald" = ________.
  4. According to John B. Watson, ultimately would _________ the notion of soul or mind as an "entity"
  5. soul

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  1. Ideas caught on and formed the standard of practiceAccording to Immanuel Kant, this "I", this "consciousness" continues inexorably __________


  2. OntologicalAccording to the pre-socratics and plato, the soul is ____, and a real person


  3. Rene DescartesHe believed in thinking substance (mind, soul) and "extended" or bodily (material)


  4. passive reasonimmortal


  5. Three categories of soulSt. Thomas borrowed from this idea