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  1. Aristotle
  2. Excerise
  3. Nutritive soul, sensitive soul, and rational soul
  4. Unknown
  5. Personal indentity
  1. a According to St. Thomas, he believed that we need to _______ all vital capacities
  2. b According to Aristotle, the degrees of souls:
  3. c According to ______, soul and body.
    1. there is no inner/outer contrast.
  4. d According to John Locke, substances are _________ , in themselves
  5. e According to Aristotle, soul has little to do with ____.

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  1. Substance or essence of human beings
  2. According to Immanuel Kant, this "I", this "consciousness" continues inexorably __________
  3. According to Aristotle, the soul is not an ____________ existing substance
  4. According to St. Thomas, a person is not his/her soul, or _____ alone (as plato and descartes)
  5. According to Rene Descartes, activity coordinate via the _______.

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  1. inner spectatorAccording to Aristotle, the soul is not an


  2. John LockeHe denied that the soul accounts for personal identity


  3. The self = soulAccording to Immanuel Kant, __________ is merely an unknown something but a respresentation of an unknown which thinks


  4. I am aware (awareness)immortal


  5. The presocraticsHe believed that the soul can will, feel, reaon, have passions as the mind directs