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  1. Soul
  2. Pineal gland
  3. Lived experience and sensory activation
  4. Consciousness
  5. Depart at physical death
  1. a According to G.W. Von Leibniz, monads are eternal and ______________.
  2. b According to John Locke, mind is formed by ______________ and ______________.
  3. c According to Rene Descartes, activity coordinate via the _______.
  4. d According to Immanuel Kant, _______ is not writing on the blank slate, it is active
  5. e According to John Locke, the universe was made of two substances: the immaterial part of man that thinks or the spritual substance is _____, and ____ + matter = human

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  1. soul
  2. self-observation and reporting thoughts, feelings and sensations
  3. Who was influenced by St. Paul and by the "Neo Platonic" school
  4. plants
  5. He denies the Augustinian view of fallen men (i.e. orginal sin)
    (empiricist view)

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  1. Toward perfectionself-observation and reporting thoughts, feelings and sensations


  2. upAccording to Aristotle, Souls move _____ the ladder


  3. SoulAccording to St. Augustine, he believed that the soul ___ reincarnation (as in plato)


  4. modern scientific methodAccording to Aristotle, the soul is not an


  5. SoulAccording to St. Augustine, ____ = rational being actualizing its essence to be a full human being