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  1. though it exists
  2. Tabula rasa
  3. Excerise
  4. Eternal, indestructible and pre-existent
  5. David Hume
  1. a He gave validity to phenomina (i.e. experiences) and so the soul was just a bundle of perceptions in continual flux; " a jumble of perceptions"
  2. b According to the pre-socratics and plato, the souls are:
  3. c According to John locke, personal identity is what?
  4. d According to Immanuel Kant, although we can't know it exists, we can live and act as ________
  5. e According to St. Thomas, he believed that we need to _______ all vital capacities

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  1. According to St. Thomas, he believed that the good of the "_____" soul united to the body
  2. According to David Hume, substance is psychological not __________.
  3. soul
  4. self-observation and reporting thoughts, feelings and sensations
  5. According to Aristotle, he held that wherever there is life, there is a

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  1. Toward perfectionAccording to Immanuel Kant, this "I", this "consciousness" continues inexorably __________


  2. Three categories of soulSt. Thomas borrowed from this idea


  3. Pineal glandAccording to Rene Descartes, activity coordinate via the _______.


  4. The presocraticsHe believed in thinking substance (mind, soul) and "extended" or bodily (material)


  5. BehaviorismAccording to Watson, he led the charge against introspection and replaced it with "_____"