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  1. independently
  2. Form
  3. 40
  4. reason
  5. up
  1. a According to Aristotle, the soul has the faculty or power of
  2. b According to Aristotle, Souls move _____ the ladder
  3. c soul
  4. d According to St. Thomas, Aristole proposed how many days for a rational soul to enter men
  5. e According to Aristotle, the soul is not an ____________ existing substance

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  1. According to John Locke, _________ is a faith claim, and it can't be proven or disproved
  2. According to Aristotle, soul has little to do with ____.
  3. According to Immanuel Kant, although we can't know it exists, we can live and act as ________
  4. According to David Hume, immortal, "independent" soul as an entity must be ________.
  5. According to John Locke, mind is formed by ______________ and ______________.

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  1. creative reasonAccording to Aristotle, the soul has the faculty or power of


  2. Infinite substancesHe believed in thinking substance (mind, soul) and "extended" or bodily (material)


  3. The self = soulanimals


  4. Ideas caught on and formed the standard of practiceAccording to John B. Watson, behaviorism was very unsuccessful, but his _______________ by the pre- WWII years


  5. AristotleAccording to ______, soul and body.
    1. there is no inner/outer contrast.