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  1. membrane that surrounds the bone.
  2. the outermost layer of the skin and the only layer in direct contact with the outside enviorment.
  3. tissue that connects bones to other bones.
  4. pigment that protects the body by absorbing some of the sun's damaging ultraviolent rays.
  5. bone disease that causes bones to weaken or become brittle.
  6. where two or more bones meet.

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  1. voluntary musclemuscle that you can conciously control.


  2. arthritisthick layer of skin the gives skin strength, nourishment and flexibility.


  3. skeletal muscletype of muscle that attaches to bones.


  4. Skeletal Systemtype of muscle that attaches to bones.


  5. cardiac musclemuscle found only in the heart.


  6. musclestrong body tissue that contracts in an orderly way.


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