12 terms

Motivation and Work Ch. 11

Psych Test
Drive Reduction Theory
physiological need --> creates state of tension --> motivates you to satisfy the need
Arousal Theory
motivated behaviors can increase arousal
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
1.) food 2.) safety 3.) belonging 4.) self esteem 5.) need to reach potential 6.) finding meaning beyond yourself
Personnel Psychology
main goal is deciding who would be a good fit for a certain company
Organizational Psychology
how work environment affects motivation, satisfaction and productivity
Do interviews predict job performance?
Unstructured ones do not, bias etc.
Interviewer Illusion
overconfidence in ability to predict job performance based on interviews
Achievement Motivation
desire for significant accomplishment
Effective Leaders
find talents, adjust roles to fit talents, care about workers feelings, reinforce positive behaviors
Task Leadership
Social Leadership
Transformational Leadership
motivate others to commit to the groups mission