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Written by August Wilson; about troy the father who is a trash man that becomes a trash driver. Does not let his son, cory, to play pro baseball because his experience with football. Has affair on wife, his mistress dies in child birth, and his wife Rose takes the baby as her own
August Wilson
from pittsburgh, self-taught, wrote century/pittsburgh cycle
Musical v. Play v. straight play
musical = mostly song; play = a play with music; straight play = no music
musical antecedents/ precursors
greek theatre, opera, operetta, ballad operas, revues, vaudeville, minstrelsy, burlesque, melodramas
first musical
The black crook; it is a melodrama + fire + ballet
Pre- golden age
1900s-1943: George Cohan (patriotic expressionism), Ziegfeld Follies (Revues & Vaudeville), Gershwin Brothers (Folk opera "Peggy & Bess", Jazz)
also part of pre-golden age, by Hammerstein and kern, conversation about race, and story told through song
Golden Age
Oklahoma (By Rodgers and Hammerstein, dance moved story along, escapism during war), Dream Ballet, Carousel, Guys and Dolls, Kings and I, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Sound of Music
1960s- 1970s Rock Musical/ Opera
Bye Bye Birdie (first rock n roll musical), fiddler on the roof (last musical of golden age), Cabaret( concept musical, Hair (rock and nudity), The Wiz ( all black retelling of the wizard of Oz)
Mega Musicals
Dominate by Andrew Lloyd. Cats, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast
Jukebox Musicals
Mamma Mia, The Who's "Tommy", Jersey Boys, American Idiot
By Jonathan Larson, Rock Opera, off-broadway but after the death on Jon right before the opening in three moth went on broadway, tackles aid crisis, controversial
Long Christmas Ride home
by Paula Vogel, A family of four is falling apart and the father has an affair. Part of the play children represent by puppets and the on of the children, Stephen dies.
Paula Vogel
contemporary American play writer,pushed Sarah Ruhl to write plays, also wrote "How I learned to Drive"
if a musical is profitable
Shape, space, & time. Brought to theatre by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau. Outside- In
viewpoint of space
Architect, special relation, and topography
viewpoint of shape
Shape and gesture (behavioral v. expressive)
viewpoint of time
Tempo, duration, kinesthetic response, and repetition
Fiddler on the Roof
last musical in golden age, jewish man and his family where they struggle with keeping tradition but adapting new traditions, daughters getting married
dramatist as director
first type of director, comes from greek theatre
stage manager/ producer as director
comes from Sanskrit theatre
actor manager
comes from Elizabethan theatre
Duke of Saxe-Meihgingen
developed in 1800s
Designer as director
Edward Gordon Craig, early 1900s
century of the director
20th century!
Work of director
creates concepts, guides artist, collaborates with stage managers, schedule rehearsal.
Table Work
the read through of the script
director telling actors during rehearsal how to move on the stage
running through the play/musical
running through rehearsal with lights, music, and other tech
the auteur
the directors own influence & artistic control is very powerful and takes over
prep week
the week before to fix all problems and rehearse
prompt book
an annotated copy of a play for the use of a prompter during a performance.
blocking notes
the stage manager notes the actor's position on the stage
props tracking
stage manager snob to keep track of the props and not for them to get lost or taken
design notes
take notes on the design of the stage and fix any problems, stage mangers job
stage managers job to scheduling rehearsals, meetings
rehearsal reports
stage manager takes notes of any problems in rehearsals that needs to be fixed
production meeting
stage manager schedules a time for director, designers, and assistants to meet
calling shows
stage manager controls all aspects of the performance by calling cues for all transitions
performance reports
stage manager report on the performance the things that need to be fixed and if an understudy has to go in
advocate for the play, scholar in room, in-house critic, conversation with director about concepts and themes, researches and extra brain for table work
Scenic Designer
Vocab: scenic designer, set, stage, theatre, space, Rendering and Model: to scale.
Scenic Designer has to consider
actor to audience relations, sight lines, entrance/exits, levels
is considered to be anything movable or portable on a stage or a set, distinct from the actors, scenery, costumes and electrical equipment
costume designer
Linked with fashion design. works with renderings, swatches, make up, and wigs.
Costumes designers think about: Color, Line, Texture, Trend/ time period
lighting designer
Image research , Light plot, Practical, Technical knowledge.
Light function: visibility, focus, mood, information
Qualities of light: intensity, color, direction, distribution, texture
sound designer
Ambient noise, sound effects, underscoring, technical knowledge.
House musical/ curtain call, strong contribution to mood
by Sarah Ruhl, from a greek myth, eurydice dies her father makes a room out of string for her, there stones singing, an elevator with rain, and a river where you lose memory and language. has impossible stage directions
Sarah Ruhl
Went to Brown where vogel pushed her to write plays, studied poetry
reception theory
emphasizes each particular reader's reception or interpretation in making meaning from a literary text.
Theatre of the oppressed
Augusto Boal (1931-2009) a Brazilian political theatre maker who was against didactic political theatre with an agenda
Theatre should be of and for the people
there is many different Techniques/ games/ scenarios
interactive theatre
Audience as actors, actors among audience, audience influencing performance
forum theatre
type of theatre created by Augusto Boal as part of "Theatre of the Oppressed." Boal created Forum theatre as a forum for teaching people how to change their world.
immersive theatre
audience plays a role in the production
promenade theatre
staging or performance area may be set in various locations in a venue.
site specific theatre
artwork created to exist in a certain place. Typically, the artist takes the location into account while planning and creating the artwork.
projection designer
integrates and creates film and motion graphics into the fields of theatre
what are the different types of puppetry
shadow puppets, bunkaru, marionettes, sesame street
avant-garde puppetry
someones performance of a play, piece of music
end stage
theaters that only have the audience on one side
area of a theatre surrounding the stage opening. A proscenium arch is the arch over this area.