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Mr. Theisen's honors chem class.


the study of energy transfers and chemical reactions


the ability to do work


what we are observing


everything outside of the system


All forms of energy are...


energy due to motion


energy depends on position or composition


Reactions that release energy are... Energy flows from the system to the surroundings.


Reactions that absorb energy... Energy flows from the surroundings into the system.

thermal equilibrium

Two objects at the same T are at...


Exothermic, heat leaves the system.


Endothermic, heat is gained by the system.

Heat capacity

The amount of heat that most move into an entire object to raise its temperature by 1°C.


Formula for the energy using heat capacity.

specific heat

the amount of heat that must move into 1.0g of a substance to raise its temperature 1°C.


Formula for energy using specific heat.


Calorimetry equation.

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