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What is it called when ligaments and tendons in the wrist swell?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

A lateral or side to side curvature of the spine is called what?


Name four ways to protect your skeletal system?

Healthy diet, protective gear, regular check ups, exercise

What body system produces new red and white blood cells?


How do you treat bruises?

Ice to reduce swell

What are areas of discolored skin that appear after an injury that causes the blood vessels beneath the skin to rupture?


What type of fracture has the broken bone not break through the skin?

Simple fracture

What is the inflammation of a joint, resulting from an injury, natural wear and tear or autoimmune disease?


What is the painful inflammation of bursa, a fluid filled sac that helps reduce friction in joints?


What is it called when a bone slips out of place, tearing the ligaments that attach the bone at a joint?


When a bone is broken, how is the bone repaired?


Long bone

humerus femur

Short bone

wrist ankle

flat bone


Irregular bone


Ellipsoidal joint:

Wrist ankle

Pivot joint:


Hinge joint:

elbow or knee

Ball and socket joint

shoulder and hip

What do all bones begin as in the embryo?


How many bones are in the adult skeleton?


How can you prevent osteoporosis?

Eat foods rich in calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. Lift weights

What is it called when your bones are weak and brittle?


A fibrous cord that attaches muscle to bone is called what


A band of fibrous, slightly elastic connective tissue that attaches one bone to another is called?


What is the inflammation of a tendon called


What is a strong, flexible connective tissue that can act as a cushion between bones?


How many times a day does our heart beat?

100,000 times

What type of food should you eat after working out to repair and build muscle?


Name 3 types of muscle tissue

smooth, cardiac, skeletal

How can you get hernia?

Lifting heavy objects

When muscles are stretched or partially torn from overexertion, it is called?

Strain or sprain

Major muscles in the body are made up of hundreds of bundles of what

Muscle fibers

What is an inherited disorder in which skeletal muscle fibers are progressively destroyed?

Muscular dystrophy

What type of muscle attaches to the bone that causes body movement?


What type of muscle acts on the lining of the body's passageways and hollow internal organs?


What type of muscle forms the wall of the heart?


The muscle that opens a joint is called what?


The muscle that closes a joint is called what


What is an injury that occurs when an organ or tissue protrudes through an area of weak muscle?


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