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Muscle Tissue


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what is the function of muscle tissue?
function is to produce movement
what are the 3 types of muscle tissue?
1. skeletal muscle
2. cardiac muscle
3. smooth muscle
skeletal muscle
-voluntary control
-contracts to pull on bones or skin
what are the characteristics of skeletal muscle?
long, cylindrical
cardiac muscle
-involuntary control
-only in the heart
what is the function of cardiac muscle?
pump blood
what are the characteristics of cardiac muscle?
-cells are attached to the other cardiac muscle cells at intercalated disks (gap junctions and desmosomes)
-one nucleus per cell
smooth muscle
-involuntary control
-found in walls of hollow organs such as stomach, uterus, and blood vessels
what are the characteristics of smooth muscle?
-no visible striations
-one nucleus per cell
-spindle-shaped cells
nervous tissue
-composed of neurons and nerve support cells called neuroglia
what is the function of nervous tissue?
-send impulses to other areas of the body
what is regeneration? (tissue repair)
replacement of destroyed tissue by the same kind of cells
what is fibrosis? (tissue repair)
repair by dense (fibrous) connective tissue (scar tissue)
what is determination of method (tissue repair)
-type of tissue damaged
-severity of the injury
events in tissue repair
-capillaries become very permeable
-introduce clotting proteins
-a clot forms, then a scab
events in tissue repair: formation of granulation tissue (pink)
-growth of new capillaries
-bleeds easily
-phagocytes (dispose of blood clot)
-fibroblasts (secrete collagen fiber - scar tissue)
events in tissue repair: regeneration of surface epithelium
-scab detaches
-Scar tissue is either invisible or visible depending on severity of the wound
events in tissue repair: scar tissue
-not very flexible
-unable to perform the function of the original tissue