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  1. Vascular Cambium
  2. Apical Meristems
  3. Tissue Organization of Leaves
  4. Stomata
  5. Zone Of Cell Division
  1. a Pores flanked by guard cells which regulate gas exchange and allow for transpiration (water loss)
  2. b -Epidermis
  3. c -Near tip of root
    -Includes apical meristem and quiescent center (slowly dividing cells may serve as replacement cells in the event of damage to meristem)
  4. d -Produced secondary xylem and phloem
    -Xylem forms inside (wood)
    Phloem forms outside
  5. e Located in root tips and shoot buds; involved in primary growth

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  1. Perpetually embryonic tissues
  2. Thickening of roots and shoots
  3. lower half of leaf cells equipped to perform photosynthesis
  4. -Vascular cambium and cork cambium are also present in roots
    -In roots and periderm is water resistant so... the secondary xylem and phloem anchor the plant and transport nutrients
  5. -Forms a stele where xylem and phloem develop
    (difference between monocots and dicots!)

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  1. Zone of Maturation-Above the zone of cell division
    -Cells elongate to at least 10x their original length
    -Elongation of cells here pushes the root tip through soil


  2. Ground MaristemLocated in root tips and shoot buds; involved in primary growth


  3. Primary GrowthThickening of roots and shoots


  4. DICOTS HAVE....Two mesophyll regions


  5. ProtodermThe combination of cork cambium and layers of cork (xylem)