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  1. the hydrogens that activate system come from
  2. respiratory group active at rest; involuntary breathing
  3. priamary ventilation trigger
  4. in obstructive disease it will take more time to
  5. respiratry center is located in
  1. a empty lungs
  2. b pCO2
  3. c dorsal
  4. d medulla oblongata
  5. e carbon dioxide

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  1. more ventilation
  2. ph
  3. blood brain barrier
  4. ramp
  5. hydrogen

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  1. in cheyne stokes there is co2 buildup but it is not sensed by__causing delaypneomnia


  2. disease where there is buildup of fluid and wbc affecting alveolar exchangeobstructive


  3. cannot cross the bbbhydrogen


  4. disease where volume cpacity is affectedrestrictive


  5. in restrictive disease the patient has troublefilling lungs