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  1. ___pumps up breathing in a gradual process
  2. in obstructive disease it will take more time to
  3. ventricle location of medulla oblongata
  4. sense changes in blood pressure
  5. when oxygen levels drop you need
  1. a empty lungs
  2. b ramp
  3. c 4th ventricle
  4. d more ventilation
  5. e baroreceptors

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  1. respiratory neurons
  2. ventialtion
  3. pneomnia
  4. medulla oblongata
  5. hydrogen

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  1. off signal; limits ramp signal; increases respirarory ratepneumotaxic center


  2. responsible for stimulating the chemosensitive areaph


  3. a type of periodic choppy breathingcarbon dioxide


  4. after excercise___increasesventialtion


  5. sense changes in oxygen levelsbaroreceptors