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  1. after excersise____drop
  2. ventricle location of medulla oblongata
  3. in restrictive disease the patient has trouble
  4. secondary ventilation trigger
  5. respiratry center is located in
  1. a 4th ventricle
  2. b ventialtion
  3. c medulla oblongata
  4. d filling lungs
  5. e ph

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  1. ramp
  2. hydrogen
  3. hydrogen
  4. restrictive
  5. carbon dioxide

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  1. off signal; limits ramp signal; increases respirarory rateventialtion


  2. a type of periodic choppy breathingcarbon dioxide


  3. sense changes in blood pressurebaroreceptors


  4. can cross the bbbcarbon dioxide


  5. in obstructive disease it will take more time tofilling lungs