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  1. obstructive disease with collapsed alveoli become complianr and flabby
  2. sense changes in oxygen levels
  3. secondary ventilation trigger
  4. responsible for stimulating the chemosensitive area
  5. respiratory group active in respiratory drive; expiration/inspiration; high altitide, excercise
  1. a emphsema
  2. b chemoreceptors
  3. c ph
  4. d ventral
  5. e hydrogen

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  1. cheyne stokes
  2. pCO2
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. baroreceptors
  5. medulla oblongata

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  1. in restrictive disease the patient has troubleempty lungs


  2. ___pumps up breathing in a gradual processbaroreceptors


  3. can cross the bbbhydrogen


  4. disease where volume cpacity is affectedrestrictive


  5. after excersise____dropventialtion


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