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Large Intestine Krum

What does the histological organization of the large intestine represent?
reabsorption of water and elimination of waste
What 4 things does the mucosa of the cecum and colon contain?
absorptive cells, goblet cells, enteroendocrine cells, Paneth cells
What are the folds of the submucosa in the cecum and colon called?
plicae semilunares
What are the outer longitudinal fibers of SM of the cecum an colon's muscularis externae?
taenia coli
What is a bundle of taenia coli penetrating the inner circular layer of muscle?
Where do taenia coli disappear?
What are serosal accumulations of the rectum?
appendices epiploicae
What thickens the wall of the appendix?
numerous lymphoid nodules
Describe the muscularis mucosa and taenia coli of the appendix.
poorly developed, and not present
How do the crypts of the rectum and colon differe?
crypts are longer in the colon
What is the upper longitudinal folds of the last 4 cm of the rectum?
anal columns
What depressions lie between the anla columns?
anal sinuses
Describe epithelium of anal canal.
upper 1/3=simple columnar
middle 1/3=simple columnar and stratified squamous
lower 1/3=stratified squamous
What is the SM sphincter of the anal canal?
internal anal sphincter
What is the Skeletal Muscle sphincter of the anal canal?
external anal sphincter