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  1. Taper needle
  2. bucco
  3. rochester ochsner forceps
  4. reverse cutting needle
  5. brady
  1. a To grasp tissue. used to declaw p3, holds nail to cut
  2. b over, abovecheek
  3. c slow
  4. d round shaft, used on easy to penetrate tissue
  5. e similar to conventional except cutting edge faces down, not up. decreases likelihood of sutures pulling through tissue in some cases.

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  1. .1cc
  2. clamping across tissue containing vessels. used to crush vessels of the body of the uterus in a ovarianhysterectomy
  3. 22 gage
  4. eye
  5. holds drapes in place

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  1. phlebvein


  2. spay/snook hookremoves uterine horns


  3. sclerohard


  4. sphinctercircular muscle which maintains costriction of a natural body passageway


  5. macrolarge