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  1. most common needle size
  2. dolichocephalic
  3. pustule
  4. hypocalcemia
  5. ataxia
  1. a 22 gage
  2. b a small inflamed elevation of skin containing pus
  3. c low calcium levels in the blood
  4. d lack of coordination of voluntary muscle
  5. e long nose

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  1. To remove dead or damaged tissue or foreign material from a wound.
  2. 1ml
  3. brain
  4. marrow, spinal cord
  5. slow

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  1. spay/snook hookremoves uterine horns


  2. anastamosislack of coordination of voluntary muscle


  3. opthalmPimple; small circumscribed elevation on the skin that contains no fluid but may develop pus.


  4. rochester ochsner forcepsclamping across tissue containing vessels. used to crush vessels of the body of the uterus in a ovarianhysterectomy


  5. kelly hemostat forcepsPreferred for thick fascia/skin. Minimal crush but can puncture hollow organs.