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  1. bachus towel forcep
  2. bucco
  3. hist
  4. crypto
  5. circum
  1. a hidden
  2. b around
  3. c tissue
  4. d holds drapes in place
  5. e over, abovecheek

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  1. .1cc
  2. similar to conventional except cutting edge faces down, not up. decreases likelihood of sutures pulling through tissue in some cases.
  3. marrow, spinal cord
  4. 1ml
  5. eye

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  1. pathylarge


  2. Taper needleround shaft, used on easy to penetrate tissue


  3. enterohard


  4. phlebPimple; small circumscribed elevation on the skin that contains no fluid but may develop pus.


  5. sphinctervein


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