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  1. pustule
  2. suture scissors
  3. Taper needle
  4. sterna recumbency
  5. homeo
  1. a round shaft, used on easy to penetrate tissue
  2. b on chest
  3. c a small inflamed elevation of skin containing pus
  4. d hook to cut stitches
  5. e same

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  1. To remove dead or damaged tissue or foreign material from a wound.
  2. false
  3. used for declaws
  4. .1cc
  5. clamping across tissue containing vessels. used to crush vessels of the body of the uterus in a ovarianhysterectomy

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  1. pathylarge


  2. phlebPimple; small circumscribed elevation on the skin that contains no fluid but may develop pus.


  3. 11 blademost common surgical needle in small animal medicin


  4. myomuscle


  5. bachus towel forcepholds drapes in place