1) A sponge's structural materials (spicules, spongin) are manufactured by the
D) amoebocytes.
2) How many of the following can be observed in the mesohyl of various undisturbed sponges at one time or another?
D) four of these
3) Which chemical is synthesized by some sponges and acts as an antibiotic?
4) In terms of food capture, which sponge cell is most similar to the cnidocyte of a cnidarian?
B) choanocyte
5) Sponges are most accurately described as
D) aquatic filter feeders.
6) How many of the following are characteristics of at least some members of the phylum Cnidaria?
D) four of these
7) Which of the following is true of members of the phylum Cnidaria?
D) They may use a gastrovascular cavity as a hydrostatic skeleton.
8) The members of which clade in the phylum Cnidaria occur only as polyps?
9) Which clade in the phylum Cnidaria includes "jellies" with rounded (as opposed to boxlike) medusae?
B) Scyphozoa
10) Corals are most closely related to which group?
C) sea anemones
11) Which characteristic(s) is (are) shared by both cnidarians and flatworms?
D) a digestive system with a single opening
12) The organ(s) of respiratory gas exchange in oligochaetes is (are)
C) the skin.
13) Against which hard structure do the circular and longitudinal muscles of annelids work?
E) hydrostatic skeleton
14) The excretory organs of annelids are
C) metanephridia.
15) Planarians lack dedicated respiratory and circulatory systems because
A) none of their cells are far removed from the gastrovascular cavity or from the external environment.
17) The larvae of many common tapeworm species that infect humans are usually found
B) encysted in the muscles of an animal, such as a cow or pig.
19) A brachiopod can be distinguished from a bivalve by the presence of
C) a lophophore.
20) If a lung were to be found in a mollusc, where would it be located?
A) mantle cavity
21) Which mollusc clade includes members that undergo embryonic torsion?
22) A terrestrial mollusc without a shell belongs to which clade?
C) gastropods
23) A radula is present in members of which clade(s)?
E) both chitons and gastropods
24) Which of the following is found only among annelids?
C) a clitellum
25) Which of the following is a characteristic of nematodes?
B) They have only longitudinal muscles.
26) Humans most frequently acquire trichinosis by
B) eating undercooked pork.
27) How many of the following can be used to distinguish a nematode worm from an annelid worm?
C) three of these
28) Nematode worms and annelid worms share which of the following features?
A) use of fluid in the body cavity as a hydrostatic skeleton
31) Infection with which parasite might cause excessive elasticity in human skeletal muscles?
A) trichinella worms
32) Which of the following are entirely, or partly, composed of calcium carbonate?
B) coral animals' exoskeletons
33) How many of the following are characteristics of arthropods?
C) three of these
34) Among the invertebrate phyla, phylum Arthropoda is unique in possessing members that have
D) wings.
35) A shared derived characteristic for members of the arthropod subgroup that includes spiders would be the presence of
A) chelicerae.
36) You find a small animal with eight legs crawling up your bedroom wall. Closer examination will probably reveal that this animal has
A) simple, but not compound, eyes.
37) What distinguishes complete metamorphosis from incomplete metamorphosis in insects?
C) the radically different appearance between adults and earlier life stages
39) The possession of two pairs of antennae is a characteristic of
41) Which of the following is a characteristic of adult echinoderms?
A) bilateral symmetry
42) Which of the following describe(s) echinoderms?
B) Tubefeet provide motility in most species.
44) Which of the following animal groups is entirely aquatic?
C) Echinodermata
46) Which of the following is a diploblastic phylum of aquatic predators?
A) Cnidaria
86) If the teacher had wanted to demonstrate that some invertebrates possess a closed circulatory system, the teacher should have removed and dissected a
D) polychaete.
87) Had the teacher wanted to point out organisms that belong to the most successful animal phylum, the teacher should have chosen the
C) shrimp and copepods.
90) A land snail, a clam, and an octopus all share
91) Which phylum is characterized by animals that have a segmented body?
D) Arthropoda
92) The water vascular system of echinoderms
B) functions in locomotion and feeding.
93) Which of the following combinations of phylum and description is incorrect?
E) Porifera-gastrovascular cavity, coelom present