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1.06 Wellness

Mid-Term Review
Chiropractic medicine is the manipulation of the spine.
What alternative medicine is based on vertebral subluxation?
Traditional/Folk medicine based on the use of plants.
Herbal Remedies
Manipulation of superficial layers of tissue to enhance function and promote relaxation.
Massage Therapy
2 1/2 cups every day.
According to "My Plate", what are the recommended cups of vegetables for an adult?
Environmental health risks.
Sanitation, Exposure to lead and Carcinogens are all part of what health risk?
It is a genetic health risk through family history.
Are birth defects a type of self-destructive health risk?
Smoking, drugs and alcohol
What are a few self-destructive health risks?
Avoid stress
Anthony has been very stressed since he has started working extra hours to pay for his new car. He experienced tachycardia three days last week and did not go to work Friday. Which stress management method is Anthony using?
Mango, Strawberries and Kiwi are all foods in what section of "My Plate" ?
Peanut-Butter is part of what section on the "My Plate" diagram?
Adapt to stress method.
Learning to cope with something that stresses you out is what type of stress method?
Avoid stress method.
By doing exercise you are performing which stress method?
Alter stress method.
Thinking positive and optimistic is part of the _________ method.
Alternative medicine.
Any type of remedy or treatment outside the realm of conventional medicine is considered:
Eating healthy and participating in classes at the YMCA contribute to which element of wellness?
Chris is always happy and seems to manage with the everyday changes in his work assignments. These qualities are important in which element of wellness?
1 slice of bread.
How many slices of bread is recommended by "My Plate" ?
5-7 ounces.
What are the recommended ounces of protein according to "My Plate" ?
Green beans, Celery and Asparagus are all part of what food group?
1 ounce.
According to the "My Plate" how many ounces of cereal are recommended?
What food group do Milk, Yogurt and Cheese belong to?
Is "Exposure to environmental pollutants" a negative or a positive effect on your wellness?
Nuts, Seeds and Beans are sources of which food group on "My Plate" ?