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ch13 vocabulary mrs porch


the long-term prevailing weather conditions at a paritcular place based pon records taken


the distance from the equator measured in degrees north or south of the equator

El Nino

name given to the short-term(generally 6 to 18 month period) periodic change in the location of warm and cold water masses in the Pacific Ocean

La Nina

the water in the eastern Pacific Ocean is cooler than usual

ozone layer

an area in the stratosphere where ozone is highly concentrated


human-made chemicals

ozone hole

a thinning of stratospheric ozone that occurs over the poles during the spring

polar statospheric clouds

high-altitude clouds made of water and nitric acid

greenhouse gases

the gases that do absorb and radiate heat

global warming

increase in global temperature

Kyoto Protocol

requires developed countries to decrease emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by an average of 5% below their 1990 levels by 2012

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