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Proclamation of 1763
an order in which Britian prohibited its Americans colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Quartering Act
A law passed by Parliament in1765 that required the colonies to house and supply British soldiers
The sugar Act
A law passed by Parliament in 1764 thatplaced a taxon sugar, molasses, and other products shippped to the colonies, also called harsh punishment of smugglers.
Declaratory Act
This law said that Parliament had supreme authority to govern the colonies.
Townshend Act
A series of laws passed by Parliament in 1767 that suspended New York's assembly and established taxes on goods brought into the British Colonies.
Tea Act
The Dumping of 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor by colonists in 1773 to pro test the tea act
Boston Massacre
a clash between british soldeiers and boston's colonists in 1770, in which 5 of the colonists,including Crispus Attucks,were killed.
Intolerable Act
a series of lawa enacted by Parliament in 1774 to punish Massachusett's colonists for the Boston Tea Party