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  1. cells take in substances and organize them into complex substances
  2. all living things maintain a stable internal condition. Multicellular organisms use more than one system for this function
  3. Cell structure
  4. Biology
  5. a fact (true statement) based on your observations
  1. a the study of living things
  2. b Homeostasis
  3. c Inference
  4. d Organization
  5. e the organization of a cell

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  1. hereditary information in the form of a large molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid
  2. the sum of all chemical processes inside a living thing
  3. an organism that uses energy to synthesize organic molecules from inorganic substances
  4. Growth
  5. any of the animal functions of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste

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  1. Organismthe sum of all chemical processes inside a living thing


  2. Evolutionall the changes that have formed life on earth from its earliest beginnings to the diversity that characterizes it today. Change over time


  3. Cell divisionthe process where one cell splits into two cells


  4. Inheritancethe idea that an organism depends on another for survival


  5. Interdependencegenetics or traits passed down from parents