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  1. Conscription
  2. 1790
  3. Third Estate
  4. Scorched-earth policy
  5. September 3, 1791
  1. a Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  2. b The rest of the population of France. 97% of the population. Split into three groups.
  3. c The draft. Stated that all unmarried able-bodied men from 18-25 years of age were liable for military services.
  4. d The tactic of burning or destroying crops and everything else that might be of value to the invaders.
  5. e First Constitution proclaimed

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  1. The French Concordat with the Catholic Church
  2. Tennis Court Oath
  3. Louis XVI becomes king
  4. Gatherings of the social, political, and cultural elite.
  5. Enforces the laws. The president.

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  1. émigrésThose who wanted to get rid of the king, set up a republic, and institute far-reaching changes.


  2. Legislative BranchEnforces the laws. The president.


  3. June 20, 1791Tennis Court Oath


  4. ModeratesThose who had no extreme views regarding the Revolution.


  5. August, 1788Declaration of the rights of man adopted