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  1. July 5, 1809
  2. Bourgeoisie
  3. August, 1788
  4. Reaction
  5. Coup d'├ętat
  1. a Arrest of Pope Pius VII
  2. b Seizure of power by force.
  3. c The Estates General is convoked for May 1, 1789
  4. d City dwelling middle class. Professional people.
  5. e A time after the Napoleonic era where those in power wanted to return to the conditions of an earlier period. Led by Reactionaries.

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  1. The thinkers of the Enlightenment. Not only philosophers but critics of society.
  2. A time when philosophers believed they could apply the scientific method and use reason to logically explain human nature.
  3. Make the laws. The Congress.
  4. Tennis Court Oath
  5. Louis XVI becomes king

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  1. IndemnityA compensation to other nations for damages inflicted on them.


  2. PlebisciteA procedure in which Napoleon submitted the constitution of his new government to the people for a vote.


  3. Executive BranchEnforces the laws. The president.


  4. LiberalismExtended the principles of the American and French Revolutions with their ideals of individual rights and the rule of law.


  5. ConscriptionThose who did not want to change the existing conditions, who thought the Revolution had gone on too long.