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  1. Reaction
  2. December 2, 1804
  3. Popular Sovereignty
  4. July 5, 1809
  5. 1790
  1. a Arrest of Pope Pius VII
  2. b A time after the Napoleonic era where those in power wanted to return to the conditions of an earlier period. Led by Reactionaries.
  3. c Napoleon crowned Emperor of France
  4. d Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  5. e Just laws and wise governments must be created by and subject to the will of the people.

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  1. The poorest class during the Revolution in France, led miserable and terror filled lives.
  2. First Constitution proclaimed
  3. Tennis Court Oath
  4. Louis XVIII enters Paris (Bourbon dynasty restored)
  5. Guarantees certain rights of every US citizen. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.

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  1. Third EstateThe rest of the population of France. 97% of the population. Split into three groups.


  2. RadicalsThe belief that truth can be arrived at solely by reason and logical thinking.


  3. BourgeoisieCity dwelling middle class. Professional people.


  4. May 3, 1803Louis XVIII enters Paris (Bourbon dynasty restored)


  5. IndemnityThose who had no extreme views regarding the Revolution.