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  1. Departments
  2. Counterrevolution
  3. September 3, 1791
  4. Indemnity
  5. 1790
  1. a The 83 divided parts of France during the Revolution, reformed by the National Assembly.
  2. b The act of the army who fought against the revolutionists because they were in favor of the Old Regime.
  3. c A compensation to other nations for damages inflicted on them.
  4. d Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  5. e First Constitution proclaimed

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  1. Guarantees certain rights of every US citizen. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.
  2. Execution of Louis XVI
  3. A time when philosophers believed they could apply the scientific method and use reason to logically explain human nature.
  4. Directory begins
  5. Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church. 1% of the population.

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  1. NationalismLove of ones country rather than love of one's religion.


  2. LiberalismThose who had no extreme views regarding the Revolution.


  3. émigrésThose who wanted to get rid of the king, set up a republic, and institute far-reaching changes.


  4. RadicalsThe belief that truth can be arrived at solely by reason and logical thinking.


  5. August, 1789Declaration of the rights of man adopted