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  1. False
  2. True
  3. Flammable liquids and gases
  4. Borken equipment
  5. Precautions and instructions on how to handle chemicals
  1. a In the Healthcare Professional Safety, you don't have to use correct posture and good body mechanics.
  2. b A class "B" fire covers what kind of fires?
  3. c The MSDS, gives you instructions on how to use chemicals.
  4. d Where would you see a "do not operate sign"?
  5. e What is the MSDS?

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  1. What 3 things do you need to have a fire?
  2. How many fire prevention steps are there?
  3. What does P. A. S. S. mean?
  4. Class "C" fires consist of?
  5. How many types of classes of fire types are there?

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  1. Material Safety Data SheetsWhen you extinguishing a fire, where do you point the fire extinguisher?


  2. Burning or combustible metalsA class "D" fire covers what kind of fires?


  3. EvacuateJohn returns inside the facility to help other patient's get out during the fire alarm.
    What RACE steps is he doing?


  4. TrueHow many fire prevention steps are there?


  5. Contaminated itemsWhere would you see a "biohazard" sign?