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  1. Oxygen, Heat, Fuel
  2. Precautions and instructions on how to handle chemicals
  3. False
  4. Provide training
  5. CAUTION: personal protective equipment required
  1. a Alex needed to get Mr. Smith out of bed. Mr. Smith has a staphylococcal infection in his lower leg. What sign would Alex find on Mr. Smith's door?
  2. b What 3 things do you need to have a fire?
  3. c The employer's responsibility is to have safety equipment, an injury prevention plan, and:
  4. d What is the MSDS?
  5. e Lift heavy items alone.

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  1. What does R. A. C. E. mean?
  2. What does P. A. S. S. mean?
  3. Class "C" fires consist of?
  4. How many types of classes of fire types are there?
  5. Where would you see a "biohazard" sign?

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  1. FalseIn the Healthcare Professional Safety, you don't have to use correct posture and good body mechanics.


  2. At the base of the fireTure or False: you should always aim at the top of the fire?


  3. TrueWho requires companies to have MSDS?


  4. Store equipment properlyWhere would you see a "do not operate sign"?


  5. Material Safety Data SheetsWhen you extinguishing a fire, where do you point the fire extinguisher?