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  1. 5
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Rescue/remove
  4. Contaminated items
  5. CAUTION: personal protective equipment required
  1. a Where would you see a "biohazard" sign?
  2. b Alex needed to get Mr. Smith out of bed. Mr. Smith has a staphylococcal infection in his lower leg. What sign would Alex find on Mr. Smith's door?
  3. c How many fire prevention steps are there?
  4. d John is helping a patient out of their room during a fire alarm. What part of the RACE steps is he performing/
  5. e study of work place design and equipment used by employee's to promote comfort, efficiency, and safety.

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  1. A class "B" fire covers what kind of fires?
  2. The MSDS, gives you instructions on how to use chemicals.
  3. What does R. A. C. E. mean?
  4. What does P. A. S. S. mean?
  5. What does M. S. D. S. mean?

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  1. Do not remove object, get helpWhat do you do if you get a foreign object in your eye?


  2. Do not clutter exits, store flammable materials properly, obey no smoking signs, check for damaged cords, and observe special precautions.What is one of the fire prevention rules?


  3. Store equipment properlyWhere would you see a "do not operate sign"?


  4. Borken equipmentWhere would you see a "do not operate sign"?


  5. OSHAWho requires companies to have MSDS?