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a range of states with physical mental emotional and spiritual

life management skills

the skills to help a person realize thier potential to be well and enjoy life


the top range of health states

infectious deaseses

deaseses that are caused by infecting organisms

lifestyle choices

daily choices of how to treat your body

lifestyle deaseses

deaseses that are caused by bad lifestyle choces

chronological age

actual age

physiological age

age estemated from bodys health and life expectancy


100 years of age or older


the force that moves people to act


motivations that are inborn not learned


a promise kept


a persons intent

self efficacy

persons belief in themself to complete a task


the charactoristics of a person

self image

the charactoristics that someone sees in themself


the study of behavior in the mind


factors that change an outcome


a ranking system that each thing is placed above or below others


urgent wants

self actualization

the reaching of ones full potential


the growth from the begining of puberty


when a person is able to reproduce


male or female

gender roles

roles assigned by society to each gender

gender identity

self image acording to gender


traits assosiated w being femaile


traits asociated with being male


fixed images of how everyone in a group is thought to be

sexual harrasment

unwanted sexual attention

self esteem

the value a person that a person atatches to there self image

positive self talk

practicing making afferming statements about yourself

body image

the way a person thinks they look

peer groups

group of similar people

peer pressure

internal pressure one feels to behave as a peer group does


peer groups that reject newcomers


peer groups that express aggresion


a group of people who idolize a person or principal


outside normal system

refusal skills

stratigies to resist pressure

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