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automatic call routing

a software system that answers phones automatically and routes calls to staff after the call responds to promptts


An interruption of the orderly course of something; a disturbance; a breakdown

established patients

patients who are returning to the office who have previously been seen by the physician.


a means of achieving a particular end, as in a situation requiring haste or caution.


Necessary to complete something; essential


communication between two or more things


periodic; on and off; stopping and starting at intervals


space or time between two items or events


the surroundings within which something begins or develops


a person who fails to keep an appointment without giving advance notice.


Something that is necessary to an end or to carry out a function


Competency as a result of training or practice


Compensation or repayment for health services already rendered


evaluating patient symptoms to determine emergent needs


relating to a combination of social and economic factors.


A designed and formatted document on which new documents are based

wave scheduling

a certain number of patients are scheduled to arrive at the same time and the patients are seen in the order in which they arrive

modified wave scheduling

small groups of patients are scheduled at intervals throughout the hour


scheduling two patients to see the physician at the same time

flexible office hours

adding extended office hours

grouping procedures

scheduling appointments based on procedures

advance booking

appointments made months in advance

inpatient surgeries

a client is admitted to the hospital after surgery, expected to remain at least overnight

outpatient surgeries

procedures performed on clients who return home the same day

outside visits

physiician makes house calls, visits patiens in nursing facilities

late patients

advise patients to arrive 30 minutes before scheduled time

physician referrals

another physician telephons and requests that the patient be seen that day

failed appointment

paitents tend to forget the apointment or lose appt card

appointment cards

these help patients remember the exact date and time of their next appointment

confirmation calls

call to remind patient of their appointment

e-mail reminders

e-mail to remind patient of their appt

mailed reminders

piece of mail sent out to remind patient of thier appt

pharmaceutical representatives

(detail persons) bring & try to sell to the physician products that might be useful in their medical practice.

patient education

Instruction to patient to promote health

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