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Psychology 200 Final Exam Shoreline Community College

Shoreline community college Lifespan Psychology Exam Tests 1-4
The Critical intellectual accomplishment of adulthood is:
combining emotion and knowledge
The study in which adults were asked to suggest solutions to 15 real-life problems demonstrated that:
Familiarity with situations enabled adults to be more flexible
Cross cultural research on thinking has demonstrated that compared to Asians, Americans are more likely to
Arrive at one correct answer
The first phase of college students thinking is:
believing in the existence of clear and perfect truths
What about couples who cohabit before they are married is true?
They are more likely to divorce if they marry
The idea that intelligence declines throughout adulthood was
supported by cross-sectional studies
The Flynn effect refers to the
rise in average IQ over the generations
When Schaie tested adult intelligence using a cross-sequential research design, he found:
a gain until the late 50's in all but one ability