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the church




the stadium

le stade

the park

le parc

the train station

la gare

the hotel


the gas station

la station-service

the airport


the school


the library

la bibliothèque

the pool

la piscine

the market

le marché

the bank

la banque

the house

la maison

the beach

la plage

the restaurant

le restaurant

the post office

la poste

the supermarket


the pharmacy

la pharmacie


le centre-ville

the bookstore

la librairie

the butcher shop

la boucherie- charcuterie

the bakery

la boulangerie-pâtisserie

the zoo

le zoo

the museum

le musée

the shopping center

le centre commercial

the department store

le grand-magasin

the country

la campagne

the cinema

le cinéma

the theater

le théâtre

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