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Key Terms


The process followed by health plans to examine claims and determine benefits.


describes a workplace tool or equipment designed to prevent worker injury and discomfort


The federal program that establishes workers' compensation for nonmilitary federal government employees is known by the acronym:FECA


A legal claim or hold on property, as security for a debt or charge.

Permanent and Stationary

a phrase used when a workers' compensation patient's condition has become stabilized and no further improvement, or worsening, is expected

Permanent Disability

an illness or injury which is expected to continue for the lifetime of the injured worker that to some extent affects his earning capacity

Second Injury Fund

Special funds set up by each state to pay all or part of the compensation required when a partially disabled employee suffers a subsequent inquiry. Because the compound effect of two injuries can be greater than the effect of the same two injuries in isolation, employers might be reluctant to hire the handicapped if they had to bear the full burden for a second injury. Second injury funds relieve employers of some of this burden


the board that handles workers compensation liens and appeals

Worker's Compensation Insurance

A state or federal plan that covers medical care and other benefits for employees who suffer accidental injury or become ill as a result of employment.

Temporary Disability

the status of an injured worker, who for a specified amount of time, is incapable of performing their normal work duties

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