Management Exam 2

Organizational structure includes which of these?
All of these:The design of systems to ensure effective coordination of employees across departments;The set of formal tasks assigned to departments; The set of formal tasks assigned to individuals; Formal reporting relationships
The process that requires people with authority and responsibility to report and justify task outcomes to those above them is called:
Which of the following structures is most consistent with a strategy of stability?
Functional structure
A large nationally-known hospital has hired a company to respond to phone calls from people needing medical information. Another company handles the hospital's billing and filing insurance claims. There is another subcontractor who is responsible for conducting monthly seminars on customer relationship management issues. The hospital's organizational approach is consistent with a:
virtual network structure
Bernard Mariette is the president of Quicksilver, a California-based clothing company. Due to his position in the company, he has the ____ to make decisions about the company's strategic goals.
Unity of command and the scalar principle are both closely related to the:
chain of command
The new CEO at the Bois-Rive oil refinery wanted a quick way to visualize how the company's various departments fit together. This request was easily accomplished by looking at the company's:
organization chart
Despite the advantages of specialization, many organizations are moving away from the principle. Many companies are ____ and other mechanisms that enhance coordination and provide greater challenge for employees.
implementing teams
A ____ structure has a wide span, is horizontally dispersed, and has fewer hierarchical levels.
The owner of Sugar Maple, Inc., a manufacturer of wooden kitchen bowls, spoons, and cutting boards, wishes to transfer more authority and responsibility to his subordinates. This process is known as:
The purpose of the HRM activities and goals is to:
attract an effective workforce to the organization, develop the workforce to its potential, and maintain the workforce over the long term.
____ is the process of assessing applicants' characteristics in an attempt to determine the "fit" between the job and applicant characteristics.
Which of the following terms refers to the economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees?
human capitol
Armando is a new interviewer who just finished an interview with Jocelyn. Her professional style and her flawless grooming immediately struck him. Armando gave Jocelyn a very good evaluation although her previous work experience and educational background were not that exceptional. This is an example of which type of rating error?
halo effect
Managers wishing to maintain a sense of fairness and equity within the pay structure will often conduct a:
job evaluation
Which of the following is NOT a selection device used for assessing applicant qualifications?
How is termination valuable to an organization that wants to maintain an effective workforce?
Employees who are low performers can be dismissed and employers can use exit interviews to find problems.
Which of these is a recruiting approach that gives applicants all pertinent and realistic information about the job and the organization?
realistic job preview
Which of the following prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, and sex?
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
A ____ for a sales job would include information on how often the average salesperson's product is rejected by the prospect and how a salesperson has to learn not to take this rejection personally. It would also tell prospects about how much time can go into making a sale before the salesperson ever earns any commission.
realistic job preview
The last step in the perception process is:
organizing the selected data into patterns.
The tendency to assign an individual to a group or broad category and then to attribute widely held generalizations about the group to the individual is called:
The founder of Comcast is 83 years old and still loves to come to work every morning at the company he began in 1969. He serves as the chairman of the board of directors and is still interested in learning about cable innovations and plotting new mergers and acquisitions. His level of enjoyment can be described as:
job satisfaction
If a person behaves in a certain way in all similar situations, then high ____ exists and an internal attribution exists.
When Linda ran over a dog and killed it, she was grief-stricken and completely blamed herself for killing the animal. She did not consider that it was twilight, the dog jumped in front of her car from behind a bush, and the dog legally should have been restrained. By ignoring these factors, she committed:
the fundamental attribution error
____ is a positive attitude toward one's job.
job satisfaction
People's responses to stress vary according to their personalities, the resources available to help them cope, and:
the context in which the stress occurs.
The tendency to place the primary responsibility for one's success or failure either within oneself or on outside forces is referred to as:
locus of control
Brian Roberts is CEO of Comcast, the largest cable television provider in the U.S. He started working there when he was 18 years old, stamping the coupon books customers presented when they paid their bills. Just before he graduated from college, he begged his father to let him work for the company. His father gave him a job climbing poles and installing cable. It's no wonder that people in the industry describe Roberts as a "cable-industry lifer." In other words, Roberts' dedication to Comcast is an example of:
organizational committment
Research shows that ____ are predisposed to being pragmatic, capable of lying to achieve personal goals, more likely to win in win-lose situations, and more likely to persuade than be persuaded.
high Machs
Petra Giorgio has a need for a large corner office and her name and title on a brass plate nailed to the office door. According to Maslow, these would be external symbols of her need for:
____ theory places an emphasis on behavior and its consequences.
Expectancy theory is based on the relationships among the individual's effort, the individual's performance, and the desirability of outcomes associated with high performance. The ____ involves whether successful performance will lead to a desired outcome.
P - O expectancy
The desire to influence or control others, be responsible for others, and have authority over others is referred to as a need for:
____ theories explain how workers select behavioral actions to meet their needs and determine whether their choices were successful.
According to Benchmarking in Chapter 12, employees at Patagonia, Inc. care deeply about the organization and actively seek out ways to serve the mission. Employees can best be described as being:
Expectancy theory is associated with the work of ____, although a number of other scholars have made contributions in this area.
Victor Vroom
Ruth and Moira are both customer service managers at a company that prints and mails bills for large financial institutions. Ruth is dissatisfied because she knows that Moira earns more in salary even though, in Ruth's opinion, she works longer hours than Moira does. If Ruth wishes to reduce this perceived inequity, what should she do?
She could reduce the number of hours she works.
As a manager, Ron has the need to be liked more than he has the need to be an efficient manager. In fact, he will overlook tardiness and other infractions if he believes his employees will treat him as their friend. Alderfer would say he is motivated by:
relatedness needs
____ is a situation in which employees enjoy their work, contribute enthusiastically to meeting goals, and feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization.
____ departments perform tasks that reflect the organization's primary goals and mission.
Which of these refers to the number of employees reporting to a supervisor?
the span of management
An organization using a(n) ____ has subcontracted most of its major functions to separate companies that are brokered by smaller headquarters organizations.
virtual network structure
The pure functional structure does not enable the organization to be:
When Harley-Davidson wants to develop a new product, it uses a ____. It maximizes the involvement of various functional areas by gathering employees from each area to integrate the new product development process throughout the company.
cross-functional team
Which of these principles states that each employee is held accountable to only one supervisor?
unity of command
____ consist of employees from various functional departments who are responsible to meet as a team and resolve mutual problems.
cross-functional teams
When departments are grouped together on the basis of organizational outputs, the organization is using a:
divisional structure
The average span of control used in an organization determines whether the organization is tall or flat. The ____ structure has an overall narrow span and more hierarchical levels.
Despite the advantages of specialization, many organizations are moving away from the principle. Many companies are ____ and other mechanisms that enhance coordination and provide greater challenge for employees.
implementing teams
Which of the following has led to the decline of strict authoritarianism in today's organizations?
increasing employee empowerment
If Jorge is tense, nervous, depressed and insecure, he would tend to be rated as low on which of these factors?
emotional stability
What characteristic of Jeb is reflected in the information that he is a talkative, assertive, and sociable individual who is very comfortable with interpersonal relationships?
Michelle is likely to experience ____ because she was hired to sell advertising at the local radio station with the understanding that she would be paid on a commission basis. The station's sales manager is pressing her to sell more advertising, but at the same time, the station manager is pressing her to handle office paperwork, which is not officially part of her job.
role conflict
A high degree of ____ means you can accurately assess your own strengths and limitations and have a healthy sense of self-confidence.
Jayson Berndt is an auditor and often has to work late to finish his work. He enjoys his work and believes it is even more important today than it was five years ago. However, he also places a high value on family and resents the fact that his job robs him of time he could spend playing with his children. This condition can be described as:
cognitive dissonance
Derek runs Pizza Depot and is a great boss. When the workers at Pizza Depot learned their boss had cancer, they agreed to work extra shifts for free in order to keep the business running. This is an example of:
organizational citizenship
According to Benchmarking in Chapter 10, which of the following do managers at Teach for America do particularly well?
determining which candidates have the best fit to the job
What is the proper order of ascendance of Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
physiological, safety, belonging, esteem, self-actualization
According to McClelland, a high need for ____ is associated with successful attainment of top levels in the organizational hierarchy.
Which of the following is a motivator in Herzberg's theory?
recognition, responsibility, opportunity for growth, achievement
Which of these job designs systematically moves employees from one job to another, thereby increasing the number of different tasks an employee performs without increasing the complexity of any one job?
job rotation
____ is the arousal or enthusiasm and persistence to pursue a certain course of action.
In goal-setting theory, ____ refers to the degree to which goals are concrete and unambiguous.
goal specificity
Perses is a fast-food restaurant manager. She wishes to increase her employees' opportunities for growth and learning. Which of the following techniques should she use?
job enrichment
The work of ____ identified five dimensions that determine a job's motivational potential.
Hackman and Oldham