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What is something that is said or done that will serve as a guide for similar actions in the future
(ASK) What is a series of experts to advise the president. This is one of four precedents created by George Washington. This included Secretary of State, Treasury, War, and Attorney General
Judiciary Act
In this act, congress established the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts: district courts and courts of appeals. With this act, congress had taken the first steps toward creating a strong and independent national judiciary
George Washington
(ASK) Who was the guy who is the 'father of our country?' He was also the first president. This man also set four precedents. He was also president at the time who favored Hamilton's plan
National Debt
(ASK) What is the amount of money the nations government owned? This was the debt America was in after the revolutionary war because the U.S. owed millions of dollars to France and the Netherlands for loans made during and after the revolutionary war.
A payment from profits by a company's Board of Directors to shareholders
Protective Tariff
(ASK) The _______ _______ protected the American industry from foreign competition and raised revenue for the new national government. The south opposed this
What are Paper notes promising to repay the money in a certain length of time?
(ASK) Who are people who take risks with their money in order to make a larger profit
Capital Compromise
What is the name given to the compromise in which Alexander Hamilton worked out a compromise with southern leaders. If they voted for his plan to pay off the state debts, and in return he supported locating the permanent capital in the south
It is located in a special district between Virginia and Maryland along the banks of the Potomac River. It is located there because it was apart of a capital compromise between Hamilton and the Southerners
Where is Washington DC located? This was located there because of what?
Strict Construction
__________ _________ is interpreting the constitution more strictly. THOMAS JEFFERSOM and JAMES MADISON read the constitution more STRICTLY
Loose Construction
________ _______ is interpreting the constitution more loosely. HAMILTON read the document more LOOSELY and it having "implied powers"
Bank of the United States
The _______ ______ ______ ______ ________ would be a place for the federal government to deposit money raised from taxes, and it could provide loans to government and businesses. Hamilton proposed this idea because he wanted a strong national economy. This was part 4 of his financial plan
Alexander Hamilton
(ASK) who is the guy who was secretary of treasury, proposed the national bank, federal assumption of national debt, and the whiskey tax? He would become the Federalist Party, and they were ruled by the wealthy class, string federal gov, emphasis on manufacturing, loose interpretation, national banks, and protective tariffs
Hamilton's Financial Plan
Who's four part plan to strengthen the federal government and get the U.S. out of a financial crisis? He proposed a strong federal government. His plan consisted of assumption of the national debt, whiskey tax, and the bank of the U.S.
Thomas Jefferson
who was the man who opposed Alexander Hamilton's ideas of having a strong federal government? This guy wanted states to have more power. He would start the democratic republicans. They favored emphasis on agriculture, strict interpretation and state banks.
French Revolution
What is the war between France and Britain and both sides wanted Americas help badly
Neutrality Proclamation
What proclamation was sent by George Washington, and it prohibited American citizens from fighting in the war and barred French and British war ships from American ports. This is because he wanted the united state to remain neutral in the fight
Edmond Genet
Who was sent by the French who was seeking help from the United state during the French Revolution? His mission was to recruit American volunteers to attack British ships
Armed civilian ships that had their government's permission to attack enemy ships and keep their goods.
Jay's Treaty
In what treaty did the British agree to evacuate their forts on American soil, pay damages for ships they had seized, and to allow some American ships to trade with British colonies in the Caribbean? George Washington sent this man to negotiate
Pinckney's Treaty
What treaty gave the Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River and the right to trade at New Orleans? George Washington sent Thomas Pinckney to Spain to try to settle the differences between the 2 nations
Little Turtle
Who defeated St. Clair's forces? George Washington sent an army headed by St. Clair to restore order in the northwest territory because the native Americans insisted that the U.S. Ha no authority over them.
Battle of Fallen Timbers
What battle crushed the native Americans hopes of keeping their land? This battle was in Toledo Ohio.
Battle of Fallen Timbers
The native Americans demanded that all settlers north of the Ohio River leave the territory. So Washington sent Anthony Wayne to challenge their demands. His army defeated more than 1,000 Native Americans who fought under Shawnee chief Blue Jacket at the ________ ____ _______ ____.
Anthony Wayne
Who was the other army sent headed by ___________ ___________, a former revolutionary war general, to challenge the native Americans demands?
Treaty of Greenville
In what treaty did the native Americans give up most of present day Ohio in exchange for $20,000 worth of goods (blankets and animals).
forcing someone into military
The Whiskey Rebellion
What was the rebellion in which angry farmers tried to hurt the tax collectors because they didn't like the tax on whiskey? George Washington sent troops to defeat the rebellion over the Appalachian mountains, only to find that it already disbanded.
Washington's Farewell Address
Who is the guy who steps down after two terms, and says this farewell address:
1. He warns against the formation of political parties.
2. Believed the United States should remain neutral (stay out of foreign affairs).
3. Avoid public debt.
Federalist Party
This party emerged by the mid 1790s. These people supported the policies of the Washington administration. _________ stood for strong federal government. They favored banking and businesses. They received most support from the northeast wealthy plantation owners. They had loose interpretation, emphasis on manufacturing, and protective tariffs. They admired BRITAIN because of its stability
Democratic-Republican Party
This is the party of the followers of Jefferson and Madison. They wanted to limit the government because they feared a string federal government would endanger people's liberties. Strict interpretation, rules by the people, and emphasis on agriculture. Supported the FRENCH and condemned what they regarded as the Washington administrations pro British policies
XYZ Affairs
What is the affair called where French foreign minister Charles de Talleyrand refuses to meet with the agents
France, through three agents, demands a bribe of $250,000
American agents refuse to pay and return to the U.S.
A report is written listing the French agents as "X,Y, and Z"
Alien and Sedition Acts
alien- non-citizens living in the country
The Federalists controlled congress passes the Alien Act- allowing the president to imprison aliens or send those he considered dangerous out of the country
This law is passed to pay back the French for attacking our ships on the high seas
Sedition- federalist controlled congress passed the Sedition Act- made it a crime to speak, write, or publish "false, scandalous, and malicious" of criticisms of the government
Passed by the federalist congress to scilence democratic-republicans
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
What resolutions of 1798 and 1799 claimed that the alien and sedition acts could not be put into action because they violated the consiution. THOMAS JEFFERSON CREATED THIS
The Kentucky resolutions suggested that states might nullify (legally overturn) federal laws considered unconstitutional
What did the Kentucky resolutions suggest?
What is the term that means to legally over turn?
John Adams
This man was the first Vice President and second president. He was president at the time of the XYZ affair, and signed into law the alien and sedition acts
Where did the battle of fallen timbers happen?
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson
Who read the constitution more strictly?
Alexander Hamilton
Who read the constitution more loosely?
Implied powers
In Hamilton's view, the government had _______ _______, which were suggested but not directly stated in the consiution. This is what separated the Federalists from the republicans.
To prevent the national debt from growing, congress approved a bill that put a special tax on ________ and other alcoholic beverages
The native Americans
Who between the Appalachian mountains and the Mississippi River believed that the United States had no authority over them
Little turtle
General Aurthur St. Clair was sent to restore order in the northwest territory but was defeated by ________ ______.
Anthony Wayne
After General Aurthur St. Clair was defeated, Washington then sent _________ _______ to accomplish the same task and they defeated the native Americans in the battle of fallen timbers
The United States tried to remain ______ in the conflict between France and Britain
States Rights
Thomas Jefferson wanted more _______ ______ rather than a strong no national government. This is what separated the Republicans from the federalists.
There was a department of state- Thomas Jefferson, department of the treasury- Alexander Hamilton, a department of war- Henry Knox, and office of attorney general- Edmund Randolph
In the cabinet, who and what did the experts do?
He knew that the precedents would establish and shape the future of the United States
Why did president George Washington set 4 precedents?
Americans disapproved of jays treaty with Britain because it did not deal with issues of _________ and British interference with American trade
New Orleans
Thomas Pickney's treaty with Spain gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River and the right to trade at ________ ________.
Political parties
In George Washington's farewell address, at the end of his second term, Washington warned against two potential problems: the development of ___________ ____________ at home, and foreign alliances abroad.
Federalists, banking and businesses
Generally, who stood for a string national government, and ________ policies tended to favor what?
Small farmers and urban workers
The republican policies appealed to what?
Federalist, republican
In the election of 1796, it resulted in a ________ president and a ________ Vice President
The republicans
The Naturalization and Alien Acts offended new immigrants and drove them to support who?
The constitution
The Virginia and Kentucky resolutions claimed that the Allen and sedition acts violated what important document?
He urged them to prepare for war
As a result of the XYZ affair, the president urged congress to what?
New York
Where is Alexander Hamilton from?
Where is TJ from?
Where did the whiskey rebellion take place?
Where is most of whiskey produced
Where did the battle of fallen timbers occur?
Where did the Treaty of Greenville happen?
Where did jays treaty get signed?
It was published in a Philadelphia news paper
Where was Washington's Farewell Address published?
Where is the bank of the United States located?
Thomas Jefferson
Department of state
Department of treasury
Henry Knox
Department of war
Edmund Randolph
Office of attorney general
Where is John Adams from?