17 terms

Bath Elem. 4th gr.science ch 12

matter, heat, conduction and radiation
if a picture shows many balls closly packed together, what kind of matter is being shown?
a solid
as an object cools, the particles move____?
if the liquid inside of a thermmometer is contracting what does it mean?
the substance being measured is cooling down
what is temperature?
the measure of the average amount of motion in particle of matter
if a pot is on the stove, how is the heat moving from the stove to the pot?
materials that both limit the amount of heat that passes though them are?
what is convection current?
when heated air expands and cooler air sinks below the warmer air.
If warmth from the sun or a light bulb is heating your skin, what are you feeling?
what is thermal energy?
the total energy of mving particles
which method of heat transfere does not require matter?
if a mobile is turning from a candle burning below it, what method of heat transfere is occuring?
what is energy?
the ability to do work or cause change
what is the difference between an insulator and a conductor?
insulator limits the amount of heat that passes through it.
conductor easily allows heat to move into it
give an example of an insulator.
wood, blanket, coat
give an example of a condutor.
metal spoon, metal pan
how does a radiator heat a room?
by convection.
1 -water is heated in a boiler
2 -then steam is pumped into pipes in the radiator which passes through it into the air
3 -convection currents move the air
4 -cooler air returns to the radiator and the process begins again
how do radiation, conduction and convection all work on Earths surface?
1 -radiation from the sun heats up earths surface.
2 -then conduction transfers heat into earths air.
3 -convection currents form as the surface is heated
4 -warm air rises then cools and falls back to earth as rain or snow causing wind and rain patterns