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5 Types of Law in the US Legal System Notes

Criminal Law
cases in which people are accused of committing crimes that harm other people or property
Examples of Criminal Law
murder, larceny, rape, assault, DWI
Civil Law
disputes between people or groups, including disputes between governments and citizens
Examples of Civil Law
contract disputes, divorce, child custody, property disputes, copyright laws
Constitutional Law
if a person sues over excessive bail (8th amendment issue)
Administrative Law
cases involve law, rules and regulations that the executive branch and its agencies have implemented
Examples of Administrative Law
FAA (executive agency) might issue an executive order that the airlines believe are unfair
International Law
cases involving any law that affects the United States and any foreign nation, including laws that involve treaties, trade agreements, etc
Example of International Law
if American fisherman were not allowed to fish in waters in which trade agreements are met with another country
Actual Damages
actual amount of money being asked for by the plaintiff, to repair or replace actual proven damages or costs caused by the action
Punitive Damages
money awarded to the plaintiff or punishment for the defendant for their action or damage, usually more valuable than actual damages