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When typing reaches the right border of a cell in a table, wordwrap
moves the text to the next line within the same cell.
Paragraph shading cannot be used without a border.
A green wavy line under text indicates a potential
grammar error.
Formatting a Word table can include any of the following EXCEPT
creating graphics within the table.
In a table, column width can be changed either by dragging the column border or by using the Width button spin arrow on the Ribbon.
New blank Word documents are created using the ________ template.
When typing in a Word table cell, when the right border of the cell is reached, the text will begin to fill the next cell to the right.
In a template, the placeholder text found within brackets is called a contextual control.
In a letter, the name and address of the person receiving the letter is known as the
inside address.
It is best to remove all borders from a resume, because lines on a resume don't look professional.
When looking for another word that means the same as "ruler," you could use the
Another name for the name and job title of the writer is
writer's signature block.
Documents saved as a Web page are opened in a Web browser.
Microsoft Word has far more templates available online than those available on the computer.
Which key is used to move from cell to cell in a Word table?
When a table has been added to a Word document and is active, what two tabs are added to the Ribbon?
Design and Layout
When creating a table with four columns, the size of each column will
be of equal width.
Changing "teh" to "the" is an example of Word's AutoText feature.
If you would like to use an existing document as a basis for a new document, the existing document must first be saved as a template.
In a table, to move to a tabbed location within the cell and not to the next cell, press:
Ctrl + Tab
Which button is used to merge cells so that you can position the table title across the columns?
Merge Cells
A well-formatted table might be more attractive, but doesn't affect ease of understanding on the part of the reader.
Which of the following is true regarding using tabs within tables?
Ctrl + Tab must be used to move to a tab stop.
Navigating between cells in a Microsoft Word table and in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is very similar; to move to the next cell down, simply press Enter.
Which is NOT true regarding the space between the dateline and the inside address in a letter?
It can be as much as fifteen blank lines.
The No Spacing style removes extra space following a paragraph.
The default line spacing for a table is the same as for a document.
To no longer display black borders around table cells,
on the Design tab, in the Tables Styles Group, click the Borders button arrow and choose No Border.
When working in a table, one context-specific Ribbon tab appears: the Design tab.
Which of the following is NOT true regarding content controls within a Word template?
They cannot be removed from the active document.
In a letter, the space between the dateline and the inside address can range from 1 to 10 blank lines, depending on the length of the letter.
Bullet indent level can be controlled by using the Increase/Decrease Indent button on the Ribbon.
The default line spacing within a Word table is
single spacing with no space before or after paragraphs.
Commonly misspelled words can be corrected automatically by using Word's AutoCorrect feature.
When using the New from existing command, fields such as FileName will automatically update to the new file name.
The proofing options included in Word 2010 eliminate the need for manual proofreading.
Simple borders and border edges can be added using the Border button from which group?
When creating a template file, Word saves the file with which extension?
When inserting bullets into a table cell, which of the following is NOT true?
The bullet will appear centered vertically in the cell.
In a table, when you press the Tab key in the last cell, a new row is inserted above the current cell.
Automatic spelling and grammar checking is set under the Proofing options in Backstage view.
When encountering a phrase such as "fetch a pale of water," Word will
indicate a word usage error.
The Find and Replace dialog box opens with the settings used the last time it was open.
When a table is added to a Word document, by default the table fills the entire width of the page.
When changing column widths, best results are obtained when starting at the right side of the table.
When using the New from existing command, which of the following is NOT true?
The new document appears as "Copy of" followed by the old document name.
The default font and font size for a table are the same as for a document.
Which of the following is NOT true of a template?
Templates are difficult to change, and users should only use those provided by Microsoft.
When responding to spelling or grammar errors, right-clicking the shortcut menu
offers fewer options than the Spelling and Grammar dialog box.
The Find command
is affected by the location of the insertion point when the command is invoked.