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missed questions Eastern Civilization Final 2

-Questions missed from Eastern Civ cumulative final 2
Alexander the Greats Reign
550s BC
time of Zoroastrianism
632 BC
god worshiped in Zoroastrianism
Ahura Mazda
those who supported ______ throughout their lives will live happily ever true
Ahura Mazda
those who supported ________ throughout their lives will suffer eternal punishment
T/F? The Mongol Empire was at least 4 times larger than the Persian, Ottoman, or Roman empires
T/F? The steppe tribes had so few ppl b/c the land was not good enough to sustain farming and supply extra food for the population to grow
T/F? Temujin became Toghrul's follower so that he could gain influence and power and begin to unify the tribes
T/F? Genghis Khan often absorbed conquered ppl in his empire and army, whether they were from the steppe or not
What led to the downfall of the Mongol Empire
leaders began to lead less nomadic and more sedentary lives
the Shah's policies promoted _____
wrote about Cyrus, the Achaemenid empire, and the cyrus cylinder