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Test 3 -- Ch 7-9


Force acting on specific area
Force/ Area

Standard Temp

0 c or 273 K

Standard pressure

1 atm or 760 mmHg

Molar Volume

1 mol = 22.4 L

1 atm

760 torr or mmHg


Substance present in greater amt. (water)


Substance present in small amt.

Ionic and Polar Solutes

strong solute-solute between (+) (-) ions.
under go Hydration

Non-polar solutes

Like disolves like, non-polar won't interact with polar

Strong electrolytes

Produce ions and conduct electricity.
Dissociate in water to produce (+)(-) ions.

Weak electrolytes

Dissociate slighty
Forms solution of a few ions and mostly undissociated molecules

henrys law

solubility ^ as pressure ^ on a gas.


amt solute/amt solution

Mass percent

Mass of solute(g)/ Total mass (solvent+solute)(100)

Volume Percent

Volume of solute/ Volume of solution (100)

Mass/volume Percent

Grams of solute/mm of solution (100)


moles of solute in sol'n.
Mol solute/L of sol'n.


Medium sized particles that don't settle in water and can be separated by a semipermeable membrane.


Large particles that settle out and have to be mixed to stay suspended can be separated by a filter.


H2O flows from a lower solute concentration into a higher solute concentration.

Osmotic Pressure

produced by solute particles, pressure that prevents the flow of additional h2o into more concentrated areas.

Isotonic Solution

same osmotic pressure on RBC's.
5% glucose, .9% NaCl


^ in osmotic pressure on RBC's, h2o flows out of RBC's causing crenation


decrease in osmotic pressure on RBC's, h2o flows into RBC's hemolysis.

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