Rachel Carson notes

1907 May 2 Carson was born in Springdale, Pa.
1918 September published first story in St. Nicholas Magazine
Carson attends Pennsylvania College for Women; majors in science.

Carson goes to Woods Hole, MA to study marine biology.

Studys zoology at Johns Hopkins University
Graduates with MA in zoology from Hopkins; goes again to Woods Hole to study at Bureau of Fisheries.
Writes radio scripts for Bureau of Fisheries and publishes articles

Writes "The World of Water"

Junior Aquatic Biologist with the Bureau of Fisheries,
1939 retires as editor in chief of all USFWS publications.

takes care o her sister children after she dies.

194 Publishes first pamphlet in Conservation in Action series for USFWS.
Receives national book award

Awarded the John Burroughs Medal

Award Henry Grier Bryant Gold Medal

Geographical Society New York Zoological Society Gold Medal.

Awarded a Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for research on tidal life.
Carson finds out she has breast cancer.

Silent Spring (book) is being written.
(a book-of-the-month club selection)
1963 Carson testifies on the misuse of pesticides; US Senate Subcommittee of Government Operations.
(Awarded the National Audubon Society Medal)

1964 April 14 Carson dies in Silver Spring, Md. at age 56.