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What is chivalry?
the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code. knights behavior in battle,religious life, and toward women.
Is Le Morte d'Arthur about a real person?
No he is a made up story.
Did Thomas Malory write the original version of King Arthur?
No he translated his writing from french to English
What is the essence of Chaucer's and Malory's writing? Know the difference between the two writers.
Chaucer's describes characters and put them in groups. Malory is realism.
Who is the Archbishop and why is he important?
He ruled the church of England.
Merlin calls for the great men of the kingdom to come to London to...
discover who will be king
Arthur feels sad after pulling out the sword because
he is not sir Ector's real son
What caused trouble in the kingdom after King Uther's death?
to many lords wanted to be king
Who does Merlin go to speak to solve problems?
He goes to the archbishop
What appears in the churchyard after the first mass?
Is a big stone with a sword and an inscription.
What was written about the sword in the stone?
What was written on the sword is if you pull it out you will be king.
Why do Sir Ector and Sir Kay go into London?
To fight in the tournaments.
Why does Arthur take the sword out of the stone the first time?
because he went to get his brother a sword and found that one and took it.
How do the barons feel after Arthur pulls out the sword?
they didn't like how a kid came and pulled the sword out to be king.
How many times does Arthur prove his ability to pull the sword out?
four times
the start of Chapter V (your packet), the kingdom is
in a state of turmoil because there is no king
What does Merlin do in the life of young Arthur?
protect him
How does Sir Ector's treatment of Arthur change after Arthur pulls the sword out of the stone?
he is giving him the utmost respect by calling him lord.
What is the one thing Sir Ector wants when Arthur becomes king?
He wants Arthur to make his half brother a seneschal.
Describe the knights' relationship to the church. Support your answer.
They follow the rules of the church. church is their government miracles like the stone and sword in the church yard.
Why do the barons call for the sword to be pulled out of the stone several times?
they don't feel Arthur is suitable they think he is too young and not royalty.
Describe Arthur's treatment of Sir Ector and Sir Kay.
He treats them with the utmost respect and serves them very well.
How does Arthur differ from the barons?
He is humble not cocky like the barons. He is not greedy and he is very modest
The sword in the stone is placed in the churchyard.
The attempts to pull the sword out are made on religious days. Why are these details important to the main idea? the church ruled society the governor came from the church. code of behavior dictated by the church.
Whose blessings does Arthur have in becoming king?
he has the arthur bishop's blessing and his brothers and fathers
Think about Arthur's character and other details.
What idea about becoming king do these details state? State the theme in a sentence. Thats he is humble and noble and was chosen by god for his qualities.
Magic plays a part in most versions of the King Arthur stories.
Explain why you think this is the case. A sword and a stone appear out of nowhere saying only a king can take the sword out .