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a statment in the constitutin

Elastic Clause

a statement in the constitution

Cheacks and Balences

limits imposed on branches of governement


an addition the the constitution


introduction to the constitution

Articales of Confederation

first constitution of the 13 states (american)


to conferm


makes the laws


enforces the laws


imterprets the laws


to cancel or pospone a bill


unathorized by or inconsistant with the constitution

Bill of Rights

formal documents of the fundament rights of people

3/5th compromise

were only 3 out of 5 slaves would be counted for taxes and population

The Great Compromise

an agreement

Writ of habeas corpus

writ ordering a prisoner to be brought in front of a judge

Executive Order

rule or order by the president to the executive branch


formal document charging public officals with misconduct in office

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