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allergy, narrow spectrum, bacteriocidal by inhibiting the cell wall formation, V=oral, G=IM,


a broad spectrum penicillin


a 2nd or thrird generation penicillin that is resistant to penicillinase


bacteriocidal by inhibiting the cell wall, narrow spectrum, works well in the CNS, allergy, somewhat resistant to penicillinase, if you experience a type I hypersensitivity to penicillin, you are likely to have an allergic reaction to this drug as well.


destroys the cell wall, IV, toxic, kidney damage, narrow spectrum, good for Methocyclin Resistant Staph there are VISA and VRSA


a topical cream that destroys the lipid membrane, inhibits microbes by inhibiting their cell wall

polymixin B

a topical drug that is able to disrupt the cell membrane by the detergent that they contain which destroys lipids

amphotericin B

a fungicide which inhibits the cell membrane. it is highly toxic, causes kidney damage, fever, and is used in life threatening systemic histoplasmosis


a bacteriocide by inhibiting protein synthesis, given only in life threatening situations


a bacteriostatic protein synthesis inhibitor, broad spectrum, stains teeth, rash, increses sensitivity to light, and is used to promote growth in livestock


a bacteriocidal protein synthesis inhibitor, narrow spectrum, causes crazy diarrhea, nausea; and is used when pt is allergic to penicillin


a bacteriostatic protein synthesis inhibitor, broad spectrum, can lead to aplastic anemia in worst case scenarios, only used in life threatening situations


a synthetic broad spectrum drug nuleic acid synthesis inhibitor, has minimal side effects beside abdominal pain. example is cipro


an example of quinolones, it too is broad spectrum


an antimycobacterial drug that inhibits nucleic acid synthesis, causes fever and rash, broad spectrum, used with Isoniazid...which is activated by mycobacterial enzymes


synthetic bacteriostatic folic acid inhibitor, broad spectrum, allergy, UTI, used with Trimethoprim.


a protein synthesis inhibitor, IV/IM, toxic


a drug that acts along with rifamprin to fight mycobacterium


a drug that acts along with sulfonamides to fight UTIs


a semi-synthetic antimalarial parasite drug, it is made from bark of a south american cinchona tree, little toxicity, and is concentrated in the RBC


a synthetic antiviral, blocks Influenza A in its early stage of life cycle, can cause headache

relenza and tamiflu

drugs that help shorten the duration of Influenza A infection by preventing budding

Azidothymidine and dideoxycytidine

synthetic antiviral drugs that drepresses bone marrow cells, blocks reverse transcriptase, used to fight HIV


synthetic antivirals, used against Hep C, side effects may include flulike symptoms


blocks Herpes virus, and prevents DNA replication

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