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expansional cooling

a temperature drop that accompanies a pressure reduction on an air parcel, as when air parcels rise within the atmosphere.


a boundry that exists between air masses with different temperatures and/or water vapor concentration

air mass

a lkarge volume of air with uniform temperature and water vapor concentration

cold front

a boundry in which a cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass

warm front

a boundry in which a warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass

stationary front

a nearly motionless boundry that forms between a cold air mass and a warm air mass. Winds blow parallel to the fron but in oppisite direction on the two sides of the front

occluded front

a boundry that forms when a cold front overtakes a warm front

dew point

the temperature above freezing to which air must be cooled to reach saturation

frost point

a temperature below freezing ti which air must be cooled to reach saturation point


a state in which the air is holding all of the watter that it can at a given temp.

orographic lift

a process by which air reaches saturation point by being forced up and over mountains

convectional cooling

when air reaches saturation becasue it has been heated and it rises becasue its density has been reduced


a visable mass of water droplets or ice crystals that are suspened in an air layer that is not in contact with the ground


a visable mass of water droplets or ice crystals that are suspened in an air layer that is in contact with the ground

radiation fog

a ground-level cloud formed by nightime radiational cooling of a humid air layer. common on clear nights with light winds over damp areas such as rain socked feilds or wetland

advection fog

a ground level cloud formed when moist warm air mass moves over a cold surface like a snow pack, lake, or ocean

steam fog

a general name for a ground level cloud that forms when cold air comes into contact with warm air


water droplets formed by condensation of water vapor on a relitvely cold surface like grass


ice crystals formed by sublimation of water vapor on a relitlively cold surface like grass

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