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  1. the temperature below freezing to which air must be cooled to reach saturation.
  2. a temperature drop that accompanies a pressure reduction on an air parcel, as when air parcels rise within the atmosphere.
  3. when air reaches saturation because it has been heated and it rises because it's density has been reduced.
  4. a visible mass of water droplets or ice crystals that are suspended in an air layer that is NOT in contact with the ground.
  5. a nearly motionless boundary between a cold air mass and a warm air mass. Winds blow parallel to the front, but in opposite directions on the two sides of the front.
  6. a boundary that forms when a cold front overtakes a warm front.

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  1. Warm Fronta boundary in which a cold air mass is overtaking a warm air mass.


  2. Frosta boundary that exists between air masses with different temperatures and/or water vapor concentrations.


  3. Steam Foga general name for a ground level cloud that forms when cold air comes in contact with relatively warm water.


  4. Air Massa large volume of air with uniform temperature and water vapor concentrations.


  5. Advection Foga ground level cloud formed by nighttime radiational cooling of a humid air layer. Common on clear nights with light winds over damp areas such as rain soaked fields or wetlands.


  6. Cold Fronta boundary in which a cold air mass is overtaking a warm air mass.