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pork barrel

The type of politics in which congressmen "bring home the bacon"


The number of representatives in the house of reps


The places where most of the actual work is done in congress

Standing Committee

Another word for permanent committees


The process by which the distribution of representatives changes after the census


Drawing district lines to serve a political goal


The word describing a two house legislature


An item, attached to a bill, which is not relevant to the bill

impeachment, oversight

Two of the non-legislative powers of congress


A party leader who tries to get party members to vote together


The word for killing a bill by talking it to death


The name of one committee in the Senate or the house

Shelia Jackson Lee or the others that were in class

SDA in congress


About 70% of bills that are introduced end up getting passed


Article 2 of the constitution deals primarily with the powers of congress


Representatives are elected to 2year terms while senators serve 6


Republicans have a majority of seats in the 112th congress


The appropriations process involves the "power of the purse"


Lawyers are overrepresented while farmers are underrepresented in Congress


The vice president of the united states is the president of the senate


Racial diversity has been increasing in recent years in congress

How a bill becomes a law

Learn yourself

packing and cracking

The two main methods of gerrymandering

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