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Physics Practice Questions- Chapter 12

Both have the same density
5) Which has the greater density, a lake full of water or a cup full of lake water?
A) the cup full of lake water
B) the lake full of lake water
C) Both have the same density.
D) It is impossible to tell without knowing the size of
the lake.
8) If the mass of an object were to double while its volume remains the same, its density would
A) halve.
B) double.
C) stay the same.
D) become four times as great.
10) When weight is applied to the top of a stone arch, all of the stone blocks in the arch undergo
A) tension.
B) compression.
C) expansion.
D) change of phase.
11) When a load is placed on the middle of a horizontal beam supported at each end, the bottom part of the beam undergoes
A) tension.
B) compression.
12) You wish to bolt a sign to a horizontal I-beam supporting a bridge. You will weaken the beam least if you drill the bolt-holes through the
A) upper flange.
B) lower flange.
C) web.
D) All these will have the same effect.
14) Stone slabs are stronger under
A) tension.
B) compression.
C) same strength.
15) The strength of a rope depends on its
A) thickness.
B) length.
C) both of these
500 kg per cubic meter
18) A wooden block has a mass of 1000 kg and a volume of 2 cubic meters. What is the block's density?
A) 100 kg per cubic meter
B) 200 kg per cubic meter
C) 500 kg per cubic meter
D) 1000 kg per cubic meter
E) none of these
a steel ball
21) Which will bounce higher off a hard surface?
A) a rubber ball
B) a steel ball
C) Both bounce the same.