Colonists Speak Out

To have someone speak or act for you
the act of working against one's own government
a formal meeting of government representatives
to refuse to buy or use goods or services
to cancel, or undo, a law
imperial policy
Laws and orders issued by the British Government
to work against or object to, a certain policy
Benjamin Franklin
A american leader, he traveled to London to speak to the British Parliament against Britain's tax law.
Mercy Otis Warren
a writer who wrote plays that disagreed with Britain's tax laws.
Patrick henry
he told the other members of the house of Burgesses that Parliament did not represent the colonies. Some people accused him of treason.
Samuel Adams
he organized the first committee of correspondence in boston. He spoke out against the British imperial policies.
Crispus Attucks
African American soldier who was killed at the Boston Massacre
New York City
representatives from 9 colonies met here in what became known as the Stamp Act Congress
the place where Samuel Adams organized the first Committee of Correspondence
Paul Revere
a boston silversmith made a picture of the Boston Massacre